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 on: Today at 01:52:36 AM 
Started by kylemartinez245 - Last post by kylemartinez245
Hi guys, I have just signed up for this forum for a couple of days. I have no idea whether it matter if you I take a Doppler ultrasound hard or flaccid if my looking for a venous leak or scar tissue? Can everyone help me know? thanks in advance for you input

 on: Yesterday at 09:36:49 PM 
Started by Bud luck - Last post by matty1998
Bad Luck,

You should file a complaint with the Arizona Medical Board to start (although I didn’t find the names of any doctors associated with that clinic online,  so you might have to get those names). Plus, it’s only an Erectile Dysfunction clinic, not one dealing with Peyroines. The website looks a bit shady to me.

 on: Yesterday at 09:30:45 PM 
Started by JayneFonda - Last post by matty1998

I’m not sure I’d make much of that study you cited. Either way it said nothing about Peyroines (the word doesn’t even appear in the article). I have heard that Marijuana use can lead to Erectile Dysfunction but the relationship has not been established.  You can’t say marijuana use had anything to do with anyone developing Peyroines. It certainly didn’t cause it in me or in millions of other men.

After all correlation does not equal causation.

 on: Yesterday at 09:12:08 PM 
Started by JayneFonda - Last post by matty1998
Bud Luck,

Peyroines has long been known to improve spontaneously (without treatment) in a small subset of men, even fully resolve, just as it can worsen in a subset of men. A large number of cases, possibly the majority, stabilize in the chronic phase, neither getting better nor worse.  How my Peyroines improved (without completely resolving) I don’t honestly know. But it did over the last 4 years. And I’m glad for that. Of course, anyone with new onset Peyroines should aggressively treat it immediately because no one can say whether it will progress over the years and worsen.

 on: Yesterday at 08:57:24 PM 
Started by JayneFonda - Last post by matty1998

What are “cannabinoid receptors in the penis”? There is no such thing, so what are you even talking about?

 on: Yesterday at 08:47:18 PM 
Started by druid - Last post by matty1998

I don’t have diabetes (A1C % =5.6, lab normal reference range 4.6-6.0,  random serum glucose 103, reference range 60-159 ) but I have had Peyroines several years. I know diabetes is considered a risk factor for Peyroines, but how can you say Peyroines (or Dupuytren’s for that matter) are “diabetic conditions”?  No they are not. There are thousands of men with diabetes who have neither diabetes nor Dupuytren’s. How can you explain that? It’s perfectly okay to say we don’t know what causes Peyroines.

 on: Yesterday at 07:30:29 PM 
Started by JayneFonda - Last post by JayneFonda
This makes no sense and you have no such things on your penis. Plaques do cause Erectile Dysfunction as well. With or without traumatic injuries.

I'm not a doctor but my issue started after extreme marijuana abuse for a long period. I've seen multiple studies published on how marijuana impairs your erectile tissues as well as cardiovascular system.

There are also other things that could be ruled out but so far I am healthy with 600 ng/dl T levels and no underlying health conditions.

 on: Yesterday at 06:49:07 PM 
Started by JayneFonda - Last post by Bud luck
Matty. How did you  improved so much?, is almost like a miracle ( I read your signature  line)

 on: Yesterday at 06:05:59 PM 
Started by postrocker - Last post by postrocker
Hi all,

I am now finally managing to use PMP, as I got rid of frenulum and swollen glans issues. At least for now and because of castor oil. So, that's a relief.

The focus now is to get used to the fact that I might need to use PMP for several hours and several months to see any improvements. I already saw girth improvements, but my main concern is curvature.

So I would like to know how long did it take for your curvature to improve. How many hours/weeks/months of use? I remember reading somewhere that you need a couple of hundred hours or something to notice some improvements.

I know that might vary from person to person and some people might not see any improvements. But... Could you share your stories and give a fellow user some good news?

ALSO, for the ones who stopped using the device after some time (for any reasons), did your curvature worsened?


 on: Yesterday at 05:30:19 PM 
Started by Joeygoots - Last post by Joeygoots
I’m also really worried about my hard flaccid, that a big concern for me.

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