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 on: Today at 06:01:46 AM 
Started by RainyDay - Last post by pfract
There's a couple of stories here of guys that had sutures break. Normally, they feel k tear if I'm not mistaken. But only with an erection. Search on the board for it

 on: Today at 03:04:43 AM 
Started by Angelfiire - Last post by kusher
I use 100mg before sleeping. some doctors say these pills help to remodel scar tissue and maintain general penile health. with pills more blood can dilate the phallus easily which presumably promote oxygenation and recovery. all of this is true but for now it has been proven under lab animals. no strong evidence till now that it can heal or alleviate any abnormality for humans

 on: Yesterday at 10:46:36 PM 
Started by buzzin2 - Last post by buzzin2
im just wondering if other people have had enough pain that it restricts all of their activities, and for how long something like this lasts.  i think the uro thinks im lying about the level of pain im experiencing lol

 on: Yesterday at 10:34:23 PM 
Started by buzzin2 - Last post by buzzin2
im taking naproxen and i actually have a bunch of diclofenac, which was originally for a knee injury.  its 1 % and yeah im applying that.   its not that i cant be active, its causing pain but its not insurmountable.  it just seems illogical to push through it and potentially worsen my situation.  i mean if the bumps on the road are severly bothering me it doenst seem right to work out

 on: Yesterday at 06:11:40 PM 
Started by Godisreal - Last post by Godisreal
Thanks for the information, man. I’m gonna do ordinary treatment for at least 1 year, then I will see where I’m at and take my decision then. I won’t do surgery unless I’ve got the best surgeon in the entire world. I’m young and I won’t let any half hearted poor excuse for a surgeon touch my beloved dick. I’ll throw up ridiculous amounts of money if needed.
Anyway, thanks again for sharing your experience.
God bless   

 on: Yesterday at 05:37:33 PM 
Started by Frank55 - Last post by SteveK
Hello Frank,
Been offline for a while. First and only surgery here. 5 months out and the experience is good. Traction makes a difference and I'm trying to do it more than three hours a day. How are you?

 on: Yesterday at 05:33:49 PM 
Started by Godisreal - Last post by TDix
Yes there is, just go to the right doctor.  I went to a typical urologist for Xiaflex and that resulted in a fracture.  I go to Dr Yafi who takes a huge chunk out and I’m straight.

 on: Yesterday at 05:27:42 PM 
Started by Godisreal - Last post by Godisreal
Bro, sorry I missed this reply. I accidentally replied in the other thread first.
Increased girth after surgery, what a dream lol
But yeah, I understand it’s only in one small spot, but anyway.
There is hope, huh? God bless you man

 on: Yesterday at 05:26:01 PM 
Started by Godisreal - Last post by Godisreal
That’s great, man! Hope you’re doing well now. If you check one of my latest posts, the one with a picture attached to it - you will see how I mean. Mine is not a thick plaque like yours, it’s a very thin scar (like the shape of a scar on your forehead for example) it’s like a fkn guitar-string it’s very unique and f*cked up. It causes a lot of trouble and inflammation.

 on: Yesterday at 05:24:35 PM 
Started by Godisreal - Last post by TDix
Like I posted in the other thread, I had a 1.5 inch x 1 inch chunk removed with no issues other than a slight increase in girth due to a bulge where the graft is.  If Dr Yafi did the same in your case I doubt it would cause any issues

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