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 on: Yesterday at 07:07:35 PM 
Started by melting - Last post by melting
All the talk about Aloe made me take some Aloe juice from the drugstore.   
I added the Aloe Vera juice to all the mixes. Just some drops. Can't hurt and it seems to improve the texture of the mix and feeling of skin after.   

I'm not sure about Aloe's impact in itself +DMSO. But there are several claims around that it helps with scars and fibrous tissue..
This is a nice compilation about Aloe:
A long list of healthy ingredients found in it.. many of them with low molecular weight.

Writing this I think it might be a good idea to have a DMSO+Aloe Vera mix in the circling of the various DMSO+X solutions. It certainly is great for the skin.

 on: Yesterday at 06:56:24 PM 
Started by Godisreal - Last post by melting
melting, it might do that! I brought the topic up because it could play a role in something else than what the product was originally made for. Remodeling plaque. Softening plaque. I don’t know, I might try it out guys. We’ll see.

You can find a lot of infos on many ingredients/supplements and their impact on tissue/plaques on google. Especially when it's not related to penis but collagenous tissue and arterial tissue is "basically" the same in other body parts when it comes to chemicals and their impact on the tissue.

 on: Yesterday at 06:53:55 PM 
Started by Godisreal - Last post by melting
There are few people who can smoke long term without any impact on their health. 
If you want to consume weed in a more "healthy" way you can use edibles or vapes which can be used at low temperatures.

 on: Yesterday at 06:50:46 PM 
Started by Perplexed - Last post by melting
If you look at Penis anatomy depending on where you have the injury or faulty tissue it can influence your erection differently. 
Without a hardened plaque I can imagine that during a full erection the blood pressure and erection mechanisms are strong enough to mitigate/"overpower" the "weakness"/bad tissue.

I think anti-inflammatory should be the focus during an acute phase. Then it needs to heal properly.(healthy collagen formation vs. scar formation).
Once you have faulty tissue I think things change. The tissue needs to be stretched/"broken" and/or dissolved(or other medical treatments)

I think many had good Uros who listen and think outside the box and then you have 1 dimensional ones. You need to gauge if the doc is good yourself.
I'm not 100% sure on the different imagining procedures and what they can show but that can surely be found somewhere. The doppler/ultrasound might help even if its just shows what's not there... 

Sadly with this penis stuff it seems we need to either have a really great doc or turn into experts ourselves.

 on: Yesterday at 06:44:29 PM 
Started by Frank55 - Last post by tomas1
This conversation got me wondering why some hospitals only will implant devices from 1 source?

My doctor pushed (mildly) for me to get an implant when I first suggested injections.
I did end up 5 years later getting one. I also wonder why he seems biased toward the CX when I've heard hundreds of guys getting LGX.

He claimed any implant over 18cm would be floppy but I know that's BS. I had no curvature or other issues,

 on: Yesterday at 06:35:24 PM 
Started by samsung - Last post by melting
Sounds great. Thx for sharing. What consistency is the formula? Liquid or creme?

I guess you read about the DMSO+water=heat(burn) reaction? It's possible that the other ingredients ease that reaction or it happened when they mixed it, already. Your test on the hand is the best way to find out and if fine there it's probably fine on your penis.
But surely good to test in small amount there too as the skin is more delicate than the handskin.
Even a drop of 100% DMSO could "burn" your hand but I wouldn't deem it dangerous as long as you don't pour it over in large patches.

My observation is that depending on the mixture, high frequency of DMSO mix applications, will dry out the skin after some days/weeks. Applying some healthy oil or lotion once a day can mitigate that fully. Having Vit E in it could already help with that a lot.

And if it doesn't how much and how often should I apply it?
I would say as often as possible.. At least once, better 2-3 times a day.(I applied DMSO up to every hour twice a day no adverse effects)
As long as the skin feels good and the total amount of Pentox and Verapamil isn't exceeding what one should take orally in a day.(which I think is hard to achieve transdermally)
I would at least use it for some weeks before making a first determination if it helps. Look/feel for the plaques and if they soften.

And do you do anything else like traction or VED in conjunction?

 on: Yesterday at 05:10:36 PM 
Started by buzzin2 - Last post by buzzin2
can doing cardio make symptoms worse if i am in acute stage?  hitting bumps in the road while driving are bothering me but i can still drive, but ive basically had to quit working out and doing almost anything physical.  its driving me insane.  the pain is not enough that it would prevent me from working out.  i also quit drinking 9 months ago and exercise was my biggest outlet, so i gotta get it back to it if i can.  however, i dont want to exercise at all if it could exacerbate symptoms...

 on: Yesterday at 04:58:00 PM 
Started by jj21 - Last post by buzzin2
DUDE i have a half erect noticeable curve to the left too.  when fully hard in the morning its like 98% stragitht.  uro found no plaque, i have no pain when im just chilling but when i drive the bumps hurt and i feel pain daily but only when im doing something with movement

 on: Yesterday at 04:45:37 PM 
Started by samsung - Last post by buzzin2
damn i wanna get some of that stuff

 on: Yesterday at 04:08:21 PM 
Started by Godisreal - Last post by buzzin2
dude ive found a sh itload of studies that show like 95% efifcacy even if you have a bad bend and thick plaques.  i think its almost guaranteed that its manageable, if not totally beatable.  one of the case studies they used the injections right into the plaque every two weeks for 6 months and used an oral drug combined with vit e propolis and blueberry pills and it rectified the issue for everyone by like 65 percent or something.  i can only imagine that would increase wtih continued treatment.  im confused as [email protected]< tho when it comes to actually tracking down the precise protocol, theres so many options.  you said you just got pentox right?  im pretty sure that makes a huge difference.  im just gonna study on here for days on end and research every damn case study i can find and use all the evidence to give myself the best statistical chance possible.  i think it comes down to pentox and other oral supplements, using the dmso + x, eating insanely healthy and also supplementing with a ton of anti inflammatoreis and antioxidants, doing the injections directly into the plaque.  btw i found some good evidence on the combo of colchicine and vit e together, i have both of those on hand too so i just started taking that shi t yesterday.  im gonna spend a fuckload of time and just try to get to the bottom of it with research, but im like 99% sure using all the combined treatments its totally manageable.  im gonna make a document with everything and attach all the case studies and evidence i can find so it can be looked at comprehensively, ill send it to you if u want when im done. 

btw man im with god too and i was thinking this shi t has to be for some type of character growth in life, its not just random.  realizing that curbed my worry and anxiety a bit.  i think god put this in my way to stop, like sexual immorality and stuff.  i think he wanted me to slow down or something.  btw dude i feel like my lifes been ripped from me too man but in the same sense, i think its a challenge to trust god and not let it affect my mind and my life.  easier said than done, but look at it this way, the cards have been dealt.  i think everything in life is based on development of character, especially when dealing with extreme adversity. in fact the biggest spurts of growth ive ever had in life have all come through massive adversity and without that i wouldnt have grown. i dont necessarily think there is a punishment involved in gods eyes when it comes to reacting to this situation with anxiety and fear and anger, but at the same time i think it poses a huge opportunity to take the adversity in stride and trust god.  i mean the shits already gone down, you cant change what happened.  But you can calm your mind, slow it down and do everything in your power to change the outcome.  be alright with whatever happens and if you are meant to walk through this fire, i find it hard to believe its not a test from god to see how much you trust him, how much faith you have in him and how you are going to handle it mentally.  if thats what it is and i gotta deal with a curved boner and issues in my sex life, then [email protected]< it.  im still gonna live with god, im still gonna roll down this same damn path towards where im going at the end of my life.  im still gonna live to love and try to improve my character along the way, so [email protected]< it. 

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