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Quote from: RainbowIon on September 30, 2023, 12:21:50 PMIt's really tough navigating something like Peyronie's disease, especially when it seems like you're seeing new scars even while undergoing treatment. I'm not a healthcare professional, but your observation about the active phase does bring up some interesting questions.
Though it might not be directly related to Peyronie's, advanced laser treatments like Melasma treatment are shown to be effective in tackling skin conditions and might be worth exploring. Their Pico Laser technology can target deep layers of the skin to break down pigmentation and scarring.
You're already on traction and VED, which are recommended for Peyronie's, so definitely consult your healthcare provider about the new scars and whether a specialized laser treatment could be an additional layer in your therapy.
Introduce Yourself / Re: Hi new here
Last post by Hawk - Today at 12:04:01 AM
If your mind is settled on the issue of the type of surgery, that is fine.  If not, we would be happy to discuss options.

At your age, I would strongly recommend that you consider all the pros and cons of a 3-piece implant before finalizing your decision.

I will chime in to let you know that you have a large support network here.  Though it is a generalization, it has been said "that women give sex to get intimacy and men give intimacy to get sex."  There is a large degree of truth in that.  Men see a hug, holding hands, and long, slow walks as a kind of pre-foreplay.  In his case, that means foreplay that leads to one huge frustrating brick wall he cannot get past, so he avoids it.  Even sitting in the quiet under the moonlight will advance to one of his two biggest fears, sex or a talk about his condition.  He does not feel equipped for either right now.

The frustrating part of this is that things can get MUCH better if the two of you can get through this.  While there is tons of practical advice, we don't know enough about you to be specific.  Things like his level of sex drive and the quality of your communication before Peyronies make a difference.  What works with one man might trigger another.  The very best thing would be getting him to join the forum even if he only spoke to us in private.  I would even be glad to talk to him on the phone if he ever got to the point where he would consider that.

For now, my best general advice is to make him feel safe.  Let him know he is in control of how far conversation and intimacy goes.  Starting either does not mean he has expectations put on him to go further.  He will be more prone to hold hands if he feels you are not getting aroused, getting your expectations up, expecting more.  Express genuine enjoyment after the fact.  "That time we spent together just talking was such a boost for me.  You have a way of making me feel secure and happy just by giving your time."  (Nothing sexy or enticing; no expectations).

Also, Mike's advice to write your thoughts could be an excellent idea.  No interruptions, no edgy exchange that pushes the conversation toward something you never intended.  My wife an I have written a lot of notes over our many decades :)

Finally, there ARE solutions to his physical issues IF he can get to the point that he faces them head-on.  Your intimacy, even your sex life, could be better 6 months from now than it ever was, so do not give up hope.  First, the two of you have to find a way past what Peyronies Disease has done to his psychological health.

Excellent advice Mikel7

Welcome Rosa and I'm sorry you are having to go through this. I can offer you some ray of hope because you are here looking for help. First remember that when a man's , "manhood" is affected it alters his very idea about himself. He feels like maybe his life is over now because sex to a man is basically a very strong driving force that gives him a sense of grounding him in every way. Yes it sounds shallow but we are all sexual beings and when that is damaged it is a very powerful devastating force.

You need to keep telling yourself that he is not really angry or not out of love with you. He is just probably afraid of getting any kind of erection or even getting aroused in the first place. This looks like just the opposite to you and you really need to just communicate to him that you do love and support him and are there in any way that you can uphold him.

Now when it comes to communicating things to him why don't you try to take your time and write down your feelings in a letter to him. Remind him about those good times sexually that both of you had before peyronies and reaffirm your love and support for him.

 When I got peyronies it completely turned my whole life upside down. I did share everything with my wife even Dr appointments and I also felt scared to even be close to my wife. I was afraid of causing myself more pain and damage. Physiologically I felt like my very existence was permanently altered and I never even thought about things going back to normal or even close to normal. That did change though.

After my wife really reaffirmed her commitment and help and love through all of this slowly we got creative in the bedroom. Now this was after about a year of no real great sex with her. We did get creative in our intimate time and realize that there are other ways for us to express our sexual love not just through intercourse. We talked and discussed things and gentle and slow were our guidelines and it was satisfying for both if us.

It can be difficult if your partner is completely unwilling to discuss anything with you. Would he even be willing to discus his situation with any of us male members here? Where is he as far as his degree of peyronies and damage? Does he have a current Dr or even a treatment plan. You say that he is in the acute stage again is he in pain. Are his erections good or gone completely?

Tell him about our forum here and there are lots of men with exactly the same problem with peyronies and we are compassionate and understanding. Tell him also that there is light at the end of the tunnel. With patience and understanding things can and usually do improve and get better. Remember thought that this disease takes time with it's treatment and patience is the key to success. Then more time and patience. Just try to get him to discuss this.  hope this helps and that other men will chime in....

Mikel7  :)

Quote from: 0_devidedby_0 on April 22, 2023, 03:33:38 PMHello guys,

1.5 years ago I got pain during masturbation when I took viagra, and on this day my symptoms started. My penis started curving to the left, and at the same time, a palpable and visible artery emerged on the left side. I still have pain when my penis is flaccid or during masturbation. I tried to be absent from masturbation for the last 1.5 years but I masturbate maybe 5 times to check if everything is working.

I have visited 3 urologists but nobody has noticed any kind of plaque (physical examination and ultrasound).

The only hardening is an artery on the left side. Maybe hardened is the wrong description but it's not as soft as other veins or arteries and when I'm holding my penis in my hand it's very noticeable. 

My urologist made the artery visible in the ultrasound and said that there shouldn't be actually an artery there. I looked for anatomy pictures and in fact, there shouldn't be an artery in this area.
But he said he couldn't help me either. He suggests I should undergo an MRI but he has to inject medication for erection otherwise it wouldn't make sense. But I'm too afraid that the injection will cause any problems that's why I refused.

Does anyone have an idea what's going on? I don't know why there is this artery and why it causes me pain.

You can see in the clip how my artery is pumping. There is a lot of tension on my left side due to the artery which is causing a bending to the left side.

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Does the sensitivity you feel when touching cause premature ejaculation?
Well Rosa if he is unable to talk with you about it that puts you in a hard position. I feel like he should at least hear you out. If he isn't willing then you're going to need to have someone you CAN talk with whether it be a friend or family or simply us here in the forum, you can't be expected to ignore your feelings.

I am hoping some of our male members will be able to offer you some advice here, maybe they would have a suggestion for how to approach this with your partner.

Women Speak Out about Peyronies Disease - PUBLIC Forum / Re: Coping Long Term
Last post by Rosa - September 30, 2023, 08:55:39 PM
Hey Stabler.

I feel quite anxious about talking to him about how I feel. I know he struggles with feelings of guilt, and no matter how often I tell him that it's the situation that makes me sad, not him, he reverts back to apologising.

The last time I tried to talk to him about this, he became so distressed and angry. He just put his walls up and became angry. It felt awful so I haven't brought it up since. I don't want him to apologise, I just want him to be open to discussing ideas. It makes me wonder if he's completely switched off from the idea of intimacy and just wants to avoid the conversation altogether.

 I know it's so painful for him and he misses our intimacy too. I just don't think he can even imagine being naked around me or spending too much time in situations which may lead to arousal.

I'm never sure whether he is still experiencing pain or not. Some days he's fine and pain free, but then he mentioned a few weeks ago that he thinks he's back in the acute phase again. I just don't know.

I just want to be held by him, honestly. The sex bit is by the by. I just want to feel physically wanted by him again.
Hi Rosa,

Is your partner open to allowing you to talk about your feelings on this with him? Do you feel comfortable sharing how you are feeling? Even though he is having a hard time and you obviously support him, I feel like you should at least be able to discuss it, maybe see if there is a meeting half way for both of you.

Women Speak Out about Peyronies Disease - PUBLIC Forum / Coping Long Term
Last post by Rosa - September 30, 2023, 08:20:12 PM
Hey everyone!

I hope you're all doing well. I'm looking for a little advice on how to cope with a lack of physical intimacy in the long term. My partner has been traversing his battle with Peyronies Disease for a long time now, and unfortunately this has meant that most physical interaction has fallen away. I cherish each time he holds my hand whilst we're walking down the road together and there is still the occasional hug and quick peck when we have a positive day.

I'm just struggling with the loss of prolonged touch. Everything feels fleeting and loaded with anxiety now. I can feel that he never lingers anymore, and is quick to move on whenever we have those moments.

I miss how we used to be. I love him dearly and I understand that psychologically this condition has been utterly devastating, so I try to push my feelings down to cope. I don't want him to feel distressed and guilty because he's gone through so much. But the feelings of physical loneliness are growing day by day.

It's so strange that something completely unknown to me is having so much of an impact. How do you guys cope with the distance and physical withdrawal that comes with Peyronies?

I do struggle sometimes.It all just feels like a horrible dream. It's just incredibly difficult to grieve every day for what we had, and accept that our physical sex life is completely over, and has been for almost a year and a half.

Please, please if anyone has any tips on how to handle this better I would be so grateful.