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Author Topic: My Peryronies story - looking for some guidance and advice...  (Read 4071 times)

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Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to share my experience with the community here and hopefully get some good advice as to what steps I should take next...

About two years ago I noticed some small, hard lumps running along the urinal tract of my penis. I ignored them for a few months but then headed to the doctor as I was concerned I might have cancer etc.

The doctor examined me and then said he was going to send me for a scan. He didn't offer any suggestion as to what he thought it might be. It's no excuse but this was a pretty stressful period in my life (I also happened to start taking a few beta blockers at this time to calm myself at work - only about 8 in total but I've read this could be a possible cause of Peyronies) and for some reason I just didn't end up making the appointment for the scan and left it hoping things would just clear up. Which didn't happen.

I should also add that I always had a slight kink half way up my penis. It was of no bother to me accept that I did have a habit of occasionally "cracking" my penis when it was erect - I can only describe it as getting the same kind of relief as cracking your knuckles. It didn't hurt and I did it by holding my erect penis and pushing it down towards my legs. It kind of broke the pressure of having an erect penis. Sounds weird I know but it just kind of felt nice - my girlfriend hated me doing it. Needless to say I don't do it any more.

So since visiting the doctor about 18 months ago, the lumps have grown slightly in size. About 4-6 months ago I noticed that I wasn't getting regular random erections and the ones I was getting were not of the usual hardness. I put this down to stress, possible ageing and a few emotional issues with my long term girlfriend.

I decided to visit the doctor about 2 months ago (a different one as we have moved cities recently) and he examined me and told me outright that I had Peyronies. His advice was to "see how you go and get back to me in a few months if it hasn't cleared up".

Since then my sex drive has lessened somewhat. I haven't had sex with my girlfriend for over a month and the other day I noticed that my rather lame erection could be bent over almost 90 degrees even whilst erect. This would never have been possible before these issues started. I also have noticed a significant indented ring has appeared around the area I can feel the lumps - this is where the weak point is during erection.

Needless to say this is a pretty disappointing place to find myself. I am a very healthy 40 year old. I don't smoke (thought I used to up until 3 years ago), I train regularly and I eat incredibly well. I am about as healthy as I could hope to be at this age.

I don't have much faith in the traditional medical establishment - too much control from big Pharma for my liking, although I am also aware of the charlatans that plague the web promising all sorts of cures for every ailment. My preference is to exhaust all natural options before considering surgery which I would consider an absolute last resort.  I've found another website called the Peyronies Disease Institute which appears to be run by a Dr Herazy - he advocates natural therapies first and foremost but he is "flogging product" and I was wondering if anyone on this forum had any views on his products etc? I am tempted to buy from him and getting stuck in to trying to heal myself.

Other than that, I would be eternally grateful for advice or thoughts members would share with me. I do intend to get over this and will put all my energies into the right channels -  I just hope to avoid going down any rabbit holes that aren't worth visiting. :-)

Thanks in advance,


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