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Author Topic: Pentox effect in immune system and Covid 19 Coronavirus  (Read 201 times)

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Pentox effect in immune system and Covid 19 Coronavirus
« on: April 08, 2020, 04:41:31 AM »

Hi all

We all seem a bit insure about whether taking Pentox during the coronavirus pandmeic will make us more susceptible to the virus or increase the effects if the virus should we catch it  ( in a similar way that Ibuprofen is said to )

I noticed this on Wikipedia on the Pentox page :

Like other methylated xanthine derivatives, pentoxifylline is a competitive nonselective phosphodiesterase inhibitor[9] which raises intracellular cAMP, activates PKA, inhibits TNF[10][11] and leukotriene[12] synthesis, and reduces inflammation and innate immunity.[12]

The relevant bit being reduces innate immunity, which in summary is :

The innate immune system is one of the two main immunity strategies found in vertebrates (the other being the adaptive immune system). The innate immune system is an older evolutionary defense strategy, relatively speaking, and is the dominant immune system response found in plants, fungi, insects, and primitive multicellular organisms.[1]

I've been taking pentox for 8 months now . Have to pay about £50 every 5 or 6 weeks for my Pentox bought on the internet. So will be stopping once the current batch runs out , as the coronavirus has impacted me financially. However, I'm considering stopping sooner as the situation is unclear as to whether it could have a seriously negative effect should I catch the virus. I don't really feel as though it's done much anyway to be honest. I would say things are better during the periods that I do a lot of physical treatment rather than any meds. And I'm almost 2 years into Peyronies now since my injury, so I don't think it's necessary to take Pentox anymore. I believe it's more useful in the acute phase

Might be worth looking into/ considering if you're still taking Pentox

44 , penis trauma July 2018 leading to Peyronies. I'm attacking it though, and I will fix this!
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