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Author Topic: Glad to be here (30yo dealing with Peyronie's for 3 years)  (Read 337 times)

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Glad to be here (30yo dealing with Peyronie's for 3 years)
« on: January 19, 2020, 08:33:06 AM »

Hello everyone,

I'm glad I finally found this forum as this "disease" is slowly starting to kill me...

Been diagnosed with Peyronie's 3 years ago at the venerable age of 27... At that time I was a non smoker with a pretty healthy lifestyle, I think it all started with a "rough" sex session during which I felt some pain. A few weeks later I noticed my penis started to bend so I went to the urologist who confirmed a Peyronie's.

I had my first set of 6 cortisone injections which totally suppressed the bending and the pain, it was only a nodule on the left side just below the the top of the penis.

But then it came back last year on the right side, so again 6 injections it worked out again somehow. But now I feel pain all around the glans (just below it) and also around the vein that runs from the bottom till the top of the penis (it might not be a vein I don't know who it's called but it runs through the whole penis and is on the top).

I've also been to the hospital for some veins check(they are injecting you something that drives the blood to your pernis in order to create a "fake" erection) as I thought maybe that was the cause of the erectile dysfunctions. However they didn't see anything except for the small nodule I already mentionned.

To resume the current state: pain during erections and sometimes even when flaccid. I can feel some plaques running from the bottom till the top. Shorter penis (1cm lost so far). There's no bending but the penis has some weird shapes (there's like a hole on the left side where the nodule used to be but as more blood is running on the other side there's like a bump on the right side which is also painful). Erections are not as hard as they used to be.

The only treatment I ever got was the 12 cortisone injections.

The worst part is the psychological aspect, I don't feel comfortable to start any relationships as the last intercourses I had were disappointing. I'm always checking how hard I get and it makes me so nervous. Adding to that a certain dislike towards condoms I can't have sex any more.

I've read in the survival guide that we have to stay away from all tobacco products and I would like to get some more information on that. I'm constantly switching from snus (chewing tobacco) to cigarettes which means I would smoke (15 cigs a day) for a week and then do snus the other week. I know that nicotine has a bad effect on libido which is already low due to the circumstances but can it really worsen the Peyronie's?

I also went for hormones check as I've had ONE blood sample showing low testosterone (I was working night shift with almost no sleep, no vitamien D and living a bad break-up). The endoctrinologist confirmed the Testosterone were back to normal after the second blood sample.

Also one thing I noticed is that after a hard night out I would feel my penis number and more painful. Maybe it's all psychological...

Anyways I just picked up my first Viagra pills in order to help me in the future, I'm also considering quitting alcohol and tobacco consumption. The thing is the mental is so low already that I can't find the courage to help me getting rid of those things that make me forget about my sickness at least for a few hours...

Hope we can all get through this.




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Re: Glad to be here (30yo dealing with Peyronie's for 3 years)
« Reply #1 on: January 19, 2020, 10:13:23 PM »

Welcome to the forum Alex,

I know of no clinical studies on smoking and Peyronies Disease but anything that alters the blood chemistry and oxygen levels is ill advised.  The goal is to be as healthy as possible, reduce stress on the body, increase oxygen flow to the tissue.

Get healthy and fight back.
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