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Author Topic: Symptoms for 13 Months - Feedback Appreciated  (Read 496 times)

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Symptoms for 13 Months - Feedback Appreciated
« on: June 21, 2018, 11:02:36 AM »


About 13 months ago in April of 2017 I suffered a penile injury while having sex with my girlfriend. She was riding me and came a bit too far off and then back down on my penis. At the time I didn't lose an erection straight away or hear any funny noises and we finished sex as normal.

Immediately after I noticed my main dorsal vein was protruding way more than normal and seemed to stay that way even while flaccid. I didn't think anything of it at the time and proceeded my normal life.

Over the course of the next week or two I had flaccid and erect pain which was definitely not normal.

I went to a urologist (I live close to NYC and have access to some very good Physicians) and he poked/prodded me. He said there was no way I fractured my penis and probably just bruised my tunica. He said if it didn't hurt too bad there was no reason to stop having sex as long as it was gentle. If I was in pain however I should not do anything that hurt beyond the point of tolerance.

I went with this for about a month and didn't see any results and did not seem to get better.

At this time I went to another urologist who basically gave me the same assessment. He said that every man has some degree of scar tissue in your penis and it is not entirely abnormal for the penis to take weird or strange shapes in the process of getting erect. He said as long as when you have a full erection it is straight or under 10 degree curve that this is normal. He said I should be abstinent until all the pain was gone.

I took an 8-10 week break from having sex but didn't really see any results. I tried to ease back into things slowly but never seemed to shake my symptoms. Here is a breakdown of what is going on:

1. Painful flaccid penis ranging from a 1-5. Some days seem to be much better than others for no particular reason.
2. Pain during erections ranging from a 1-5. Some days seem to be much better than others for no particular reason.
3. Hard flaccid maybe half the time? Basically the same thing everyone else on this board describes - when I lay down it goes away or if I am stressed etc it will tighten up.
4. My erections are actually completely fine other than the pain and I don't have any Erectile Dysfunction at all. I wake up with a raging hard on every morning and actually have difficulty trying to distract myself from sexual thoughts. This is the most frustrating thing - I am horny ALL the time and can get an erection with 0 stimulation on the drop of a dime but am worried I will hurt myself if I act on it any further.
5. My penis seems tighter near the base - most pronounced when flaccid, and when I am semi-erect I can see what seems to be a small dent underneath my penis.
6. I have pain at the very end of urination. It doesn't feel like its in my urethra. The best way I can explain it is the muscle you use to like exert the last few drops of urine out - when I do that i feel pain - and only like 50% of the time or maybe even less. Really weird.

So its been 13 months with basically flaccid pain and I am now attempting to go full celebate until this resolves - about 2 weeks strong at the moment.

Anyone experience any similar or have any advice?

Also side note - I actually had what I think was a partial fracture to my penis  (diagnosed by my urologist at the time) about 8 years ago. I didn't have surgery and after 6 weeks of abstinence went right back to it. Basically lived with the pain for about a year or so and then it eventually faded away. 8 years ago my injury was a result of my penis bending when not fully hard, so this time around I didn't think it could be anywhere near as bad, but my symptoms have gone on much longer to my dismay.

Thanks for reading I wish everyone well.

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