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Author Topic: 39 yo--just hit the 1 yr mark of peyronies symptoms.  (Read 499 times)

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39 yo--just hit the 1 yr mark of peyronies symptoms.
« on: August 26, 2017, 01:24:06 PM »

Well... here goes my new virtual friends.  Apologies for this kinda long post ahead of time. I wrote a msg in a forum so will try to take history from there. Feel free to skim. A lot of it are my weird issues and symptoms, and how I got here.  Thx to everyone on here for advice and support.  Awesome people on this board.   

It kinda started June 2016 when I got arnica in urethra by accident but healed after 2 months. So August 2016, I felt I should increase blood flow (seemed I lost some after arnica problem), so tried cockring for like 15 mins and masturbated. Big mistake. Think peyronies started in earnest then. Something popped and erection went away. Lump appeared on top of shaft about 1cm below corona, and slight left side curve  but seemed to get better. The uro and gp Looked and felt and said nothing wrong. No sono. I told gp that it felt thicker near the top, and I kid you not, he said "that's a good problem if it's thicker!"  Not if its scar tissue!  He kept telling me how rare peyronies was.  I think he was confused with priapism for some reason. At least he said he would sono if persists, but I thought improved so never went back. The uro palpitated me in a looser state, so maybe he didn't feel it.  I see it more when I have a firmer flaccid (standing mostly--flaccid loosens when lying down like when I was at uro)

Read about pentox and cialis on here, so ordered that and Wellbutrin for smoke cessation. Got real xanax for potential anxiety. Except for xanax, I ordered the stuff from an Indian pharmacy (thought it was Canadian when I ordered), but they sent cialis and everything else but that.  I told them and some pentox from Russia arrived a week later.  Looks like Trental except written in Cyrillic. Same manufacturer that makes tentral in u.s. 

Right before my late pentox arrived, took some mdma (rarely ever do E, but imo helps with introspection and therapeutic taken infrequently), but didn't prepare as well as i have in the past, I.e, plenty water, magnesium, etc.  I went to pee and my dick was so turtled and firm. MDMA can do that, but I never experienced it like that. So peeing was bad because I had a strong stream without the equipment to support it. Lol. I felt some pain and felt like I did urethral damage (felt a sharp pain in urethra kinda an inch or so from tip on the underside). Turtled for a few days and seemed to heal alright and hanging as usual. Drinking patron and absolut vodka that weekend may have helped!

Then, I further avoided masturbation, sex etc. wasn't so bad. At some point I took a "warm" bath like I have before, but dick seemed more sensitive to it. Maybe was too hot. Felt like I burned underside of my head. So problems came back. Even the once enjoyable hot tub I was doing every other day (and seemed to help the penis) became uncomfortable. Sometimes I feel like the parts of my head are harder than other parts (can even see it--kinda circular, either on right, left , or both sides, adjacent to pee slit on  top of head).  Maybe it's part of the healing. . Usually this happens after I engorge head too much after masturbating or ejaculate the wrong way and cause trauma to the urethra. Very weird. I've had this before but if I'm healthy and abstain for a while it heals up fine.

I also might have what I think is nerve pain on the upper left of dick (near my small left curve and small lump from where I had the previous blood vessel injury -- and site of suspected peyronies. The slight pain (not really--more /tingling/pressure)  sometimes radiated to my left pinky toe, sometimes the two adjacent toes. Very strange.  When sensation stopped in toes, would feel on dick and vice versa. Like nerve was displacing sensation to my toes to make it tolerable. Rather have it there than my dick! Sometimes felt both places but kinda learned how to lessen it on my dick by moving toe or something. Usually onset after a long erection. Luckily this cleared up for most part.  But can be uncomfortable in certain positions when sleeping. Very strange.  Like the urethral inflammation and/or too hot bath somehow reactivated the scar pain.  But again I feel lucky that it's not as bad as it's been.  Very grateful.

Kept eating healthy, exercising, taking supplements from time to time. Felt improvement. So kept avoiding ejaculation for weeks. Went 3 weeks, edged for a bit and came one of the best orgasms I ever had. Shot so far--long streams all over the place.  This was encouraging. Maybe healing good. But that's standing up with unit forward.  Don't wanna try lying down with unit pointing up just in case I cause trauma.  Seems I ejaculate easier this way for now. But I have to limit release so it heals. If I ejaculate too much it gets inflamed.  It's good to be moderate this way anyway. Can go at it daily without ejaculating and not so bad. But if I release too much it definitely exacerbates issues. I also notice that my preejaculate doesn't flow out as easily when erect. I go flaccid and it'll leak out.  I guess my urethra, or the opening, has narrowed.  I've had this before too and usually improves in time.

So I feel like I have two conditions going in simultaneously: the urethra and possible peyronies/scar tissue from a previous injury. Good thing is that it usually heals up if I'm mindful of how pee (restricting stream, sometimes sitting) and my health. In the past it's happened and I can pee standing again normally once under control. Just takes time and patience.  I was at my best October to end of may with a few issues that cleared up quickly. Was very healthy and careful--taking arginine, coq10, etc.  but as of June have had problems ever since.

So now I will start the pentox everyone suggests. I will hold off on any stretching or ved until I feel my unit can sustain the potential trauma.

Only thing is pentox and smoking.  Fortunate to have been on extended vacation with dad, but he smokes and I picked it up again after quitting over six years ago.  I have Wellbutrin for smoking cessation (and general mood lifter). 

My main question is, if you guys or anyone might know, how long after I quit smoking can I take pentox?  Do I have to wait for my body/narrowed blood vessels to go back to normal (whenever that would be--could be months), or just a few days until nicotine out of system?  I'm thinking probably the latter. Anyone try to quit right before taking pentox?

I'm also concerned about the side effect of insomnia. Pentox seems to cause it and so does Wellbutrin. Both can cause headaches, irritability, anxiety, etc.  both are kind of stimulants so makes sense. Combining might magnify issues. Has anyone here taken Wellbutrin and pentox? Or know anything about it?  I heard benzodiazepines can help in the short term, but if stopped carefully weaned off benzos.

I also have [/b]low dose cialis[/b] since I've read on this board that it can help with pentox. So now I'd be on Wellbutrin, pentox and cialis.  Not sure if any negative interactions.  I'm sure this interaction hasn't been studied anywhere.  But cialis can make ya dizzy, and so can pentox and Wellbutrin.  Will phase them in slowly to help identify what might cause a potential side effect. I also want to take bromelain, natto, arginine, citruline, coq10, Alcar, vit e, omegas, etc.  I've taken on and off over the last year and seems to really help at times.   guess I'll space things out to help my liver!

I'm also concerned about getting unwanted erections while my urethra/meatus area is still in healing mode. Sometimes I feel like the body has innate intelligence and will modulate eretions around healing. I wonder if in this case cialis might cause priapism harm and mess up urethra more.

Again, many apologies for this unusually long intro. Thank you for indulging it and for any help or perspectives provided on anything at all.  I'm a youthful and mostly healthy 39 year old and never really had any urologic or other health issues until this surfaced.  I'd like to get things together in my 40th year, preferably before I go to Las Vegas to celebrate ;)--all invited, btw!  I kick myself at times because choices I made set this all in motion. Usually I'm extra careful but had some ill-advised moments of weakness and suboptimal decision-making!  If I knew more about peyronies, etc beforehand, I may have been even more careful.

I've learned a lot from a lot of people here and do hope that some of my experiences could maybe help someone a little in a similar situation (think we all on here hope the same thing). Can be inspiring to see progress people report.  It all has really humbled me. Even though we're all slightly different, I see many similarities.  Thanks again and wish you all the best in this journey. What doesn't kill only makes us stronger--just keeping patience and perspective, with some faith, humility, and a good sense of humor!

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