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 on: Today at 02:44:25 PM 
Started by shaddyK - Last post by shaddyK
Getting Peyronies was the worst thing ever.
Im a good looking, single guy in his mid 30's.
I was diagnosed at the begining of March after an injury triggered my peyronies.
I had a 45 degree bend and huge hard lump on the top of my penis at the point of the bend that was in constant dull pain and even more painful when I could muster a very weak erection. Erections were near impossible to acheive and would barely last long enough to even take a picture.

Thanks to this site and similar ones, I started taking note of what seemed to be working for others and I implimented as much of it as I could.

In 11 weeks my penis has gone from having a 45 degree bend to 15 degrees. The pain is almost totally gone even with erections. My erections have gradually got better, although maintaining an erection is still a struggle. I axctually managed to have sex 2 weeks ago and it may have been some of the worst sex of my life, but not long ago I thought I may never have sex again.

So here is what I have been doing about my peyronies:

Suppliments daily

Pentox 3x400mg
Acetyl L Carnite 750mg
L'Arginine 1000mg
Tumeric 500mg
Boron 6mg
Ginsing 1000mg
Ginko 3000mg
Magnesium 600mg
Vit C 1000mg
Montmorency Cherry 435mg
Fish Oil 660mg
Propolis 1000mg
Co Q10 300mg
Vit D 4000iu
Vit E 400 Iu
Zinc 15mg
Liquid Iodine 1 drop
Pine Pollen Extract with Nettle Root 3 drops
Mushroom Complex-6 12 cap
Heel-n-Soothe 6 caps

I immediately went on a strict ketogenic diet, this was a massive challenge but I believe is hugely beneficial.

Only cold showers no matter what.

Weight lifting 3 times a week, with a lot of focus on squats.

Manual traction, not much, about 5 mins a day.

VED, only about 10 mins a day.

NOFAP.  That means no masterbation at all. I have only masterbated twice in 3 months and that was only to see if I still could.

Fasting.  I started with a 5 day water fast which was very easy, I could have done much longer. So I changed to doing regular 3 day hard dry fasts, that is no food and no water, even water contact for 3 days. This is extremely tough and you need to not be doing physical things and monitor your wellbeing carefully. 
This type of fasting is extremely hard but I believe it is what has had the biggest effect on my peyronies along with the keto diet. 

 on: Today at 01:55:24 PM 
Started by taller - Last post by Bubba dawg
I have had 10 injections. 5 round. He stuck 2 places sometimes. Just having restorec sitting in your home is not experience using it lol. Yea and there have been many problems using traction too. Neither is perfect. This is what I had good luck with it so it is what I am recommending . I have never claimed to use traction so I cant recommend it-'get it? My dick is around 80% straight now and have the same girth. I just have some calcification that xiaflex cant fix. I am not bashing traction. Just recommending something that worked for me. I have an experienced doctor who has treated many with xiaflex. Just one hematoma that cleared up

 on: Today at 01:42:23 PM 
Started by Hontas - Last post by Hontas
I have used colchicine it in extreme amounts(2 mg per day for months) before and didn't have a side effect other than elevated Creatine Kinase and a bit of myopathy. I have felt sometimes that its toxic effects built up on me and had some arrythmias, but considering how helpful it is i will consult a doctor for contionus use and take it on really low doses.

I don't get this forum promoting pentox and shaming colchicine, it is the other way around for me, if anything pentox actually helps those scar inducing white cells to reach the injury site causing more inflammation, while i think colchicine prevents them from causing inflammation.

I HEAVILY RECOMMEND that you try it at least for 2 weeks in low doses, but I DONT RECOMMEND using it for long time

So i actually used it before, its just that i didn't realise the first time that it stopped the progression

 on: Today at 01:18:01 PM 
Started by taller - Last post by pfract
 Not everybody administers xiaflex correctly either, ask a couple of users here which had penile fractures from it, or massive hematomas and bruising. I have the restorex, as I provided pics on the board. I also educate myself as best as I can, from the most reputable sources on a wide variety of treatments, surgery's, best places to go to, guidelines used by doctors, so to the best of my abilities and knowledge I can recommend something to somebody, that has had plenty of proven success amongst the board users and is fairly recommend by physicians.

And you? What have you done besides having a few shots of xiaflex? Where's your pictures proof of your amazing success?

 on: Today at 01:04:45 PM 
Started by Terry1 - Last post by swiss
It helped me a lot. I overpumped one week and it caused me a gnawing pain on one side of my penis. I've been nervous to try ever since. I will go back to it, but I'm waiting a LONG time to try again and will go slow.

 on: Today at 12:24:23 PM 
Started by Terry1 - Last post by Terry1
The 3 Surefit tension systems come with the system at #1 FDA Approved Penis Pump and they are very soft.  Some tension systems are a little to hard.

 on: Today at 12:12:26 PM 
Started by taller - Last post by Bubba dawg
Pfract you recomend traction and never have done it yourself. Least I have done xiaflex. Ask tonyode if xiaflex works
 The problem with traction is not everybody does it correctly every time. Xiaflex is done by a doctor every time

 on: Today at 10:20:56 AM 
Started by MarkDS - Last post by curved
Usually your general practitioner can administer the TRT.  If not I imagine there is a wellness center in your vicinity that will do it. You might also have some TRT clinics that use weekly injections in your neighborhood.

 on: Today at 09:27:23 AM 
Started by Hontas - Last post by Old Man
Note to all:

Colchicine is a drug that normally is RXd for gout. It works great for that malady, but the side effects in some folks makes it a drug to avoid. The problem is that one never knows what side effects will occur for them. The only way to really know for sure about side effects is to take a few doses to experiment, etc. This could be a risk, as there seems to be no known help for Peyronies Disease, etc. Just my 2 cents from experience in my case of Peyronies Disease.

FYI, I took bottles of it when I was 24 years old way back in the 1950s. It helped my gout, but did numbers of damage to my gastric system. So, I don't recommend using it any form for Peyronies Disease.

Old Man

 on: Today at 08:33:11 AM 
Started by taller - Last post by pfract
I love how you recommend xiaflex to everybody non stop. Your bias towards this product is so big it's insane. Are you on commission?

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