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 on: Today at 09:47:00 PM 
Started by BadLuck - Last post by pfract
Where exactly have you seen those indications Hontas, if i may ask?

 on: Today at 08:20:50 PM 
Started by BadLuck - Last post by Hontas
Night might cause heavy anxiety and arrythmia. Never take it at night. Take it at like 6 pm so that blood levels stabilize before you sleep.

 on: Today at 08:09:12 PM 
Started by Inky - Last post by Hontas
I am trying new acute phase version of colchicine i will let you know if it works

 on: Today at 07:36:42 PM 
Started by Roddy - Last post by tomas1
I may have to revisit my journal, but I think I had a pretty easy time of my recover from surgery.
I had no underlying conditions, so that helped.

I think I returned to golf after maybe 3 weeks, but will have to check that.

My only discomfort was where my big fingered doc inserted the reservoir.
It felt like what I'd imagine a hernia would feel like when I overexerted.

I still get an occasional twinge there, but it's no big deal.

 on: Today at 07:28:15 PM 
Started by Roddy - Last post by Roddy
..... and yes, I agree that it must be the double whammy for me of having a Congenital curve my entire life, and then the disastrous peyronies that mangled my dick even more than it was, that has caused the severe pain early in the post-operative process. My tissue must have been fighting to go back to the way it had spent 40 odd years and this device was ripping it in the other direction. Bound to be sore but getting much better all the time.

 on: Today at 07:23:35 PM 
Started by Roddy - Last post by Roddy
🤣 Nice one, Hawk. Love your play on words!!

 on: Today at 07:18:28 PM 
Started by Roddy - Last post by Hawk
Roddy that was an interesting read.  Lots I could relate to, lots that made me get a puzzled grin on my face and a couple of things that need to be put in context.  I too had a TOUGH first week.  Maybe even 3 weeks but the first week caught me off guard.  I guess thought my awesome self would just sail through it but a 4-hour car ride straight out of the recovery room must have taken a toll.  For the record, however, there are some men that never reach for their bottle of pain-killers.

You are making steady progress and someday you will laugh at the thought that you thought you might always have some residual pain.  I was close enough to normal at 3 months that I am not sure I was not totally back to normal.  I only had about a 15-degree curve however so it might take you longer, but make no mistake, it is coming.

Along with that, I can assure you the day is coming when you will go an entire round of golf and not even remember that you have dick.  The best part is that after that round of golf you can go home and score a hole-in-one.

 on: Today at 07:13:39 PM 
Started by Hopingforthebest - Last post by samsung
Try as best you can not to freak out. You will feel better as you start to take action. Absolutely go to a competent urologist, someone who specializes in peyronie's. Do not listen to your pcp and do not listen to a urologist who doesn't listen to you. Get a doppler ultrasound and a blood panel and do it right away. Do not wait to diagnose or treat this. Read through and familiarize yourself with this forum, and if you do indeed have peyronie's start traction, VED, pentox, etc., etc. right away. Read the survival guide and keep coming back with questions.

 on: Today at 07:02:03 PM 
Started by Raba - Last post by Hawk
It does not sound like Peyronies Disease but only a doctor skilled in treating and diagnosing Peyronies Disease could tell.  You do not say how you injured your penis but assuming you damaged a section of tissue and it scared during the healing process, that is not Peyronies Disease.  Peyronies Disease is scaring that overspreads healthy undamaged tissue.  It can begin with an injury with the scar tissue spreading beyond an injury or it can begin without obvious trauma on healthy tissue.

If there has been no increase in pain or curve, it does not sound like Peyronies Disease.  like Tony, I would suspect a drop of testosterone with aging BUT, many things can cause Erectile Dysfunction.  Some of them are serious health issues and Erectile Dysfunction is just the symptom.  You need a workup by a good doctor.

 on: Today at 07:00:45 PM 
Started by Roddy - Last post by Roddy
Day 42 - Post Op

It’s exactly 6 weeks ago today that I had my implant. What a journey so far. Been through lots of pain, lots of pain medication and a fair amount of self pity along the way. The first 3 weeks were very tough but then I turned a big corner. I guess for anyone yet to have an implant done, it’s very important to know that those 3 weeks are tough but you will get better, much better, around week 3. It honestly doesn’t matter how many people tell you to hang in there and it’ll get better, when you’re in that first 2 week period it really is quite daunting being in that crap storm of pain. It does ease off tho, believe me.

I also went back to work around week 4 for one day before immediately checking back out for a 2 week holiday to Portugal. That was a big psychological boost to return to work, to see all my colleagues after a month and to receive all their good wishes. They have no idea why I was off my work for that length of time other than it was surgery. No one knows about my implant other than my wife, my pancreatic surgeon friend who gave me great support and advice, and my own surgeon, Mr Mike Fraser. I even made the ‘mistake’ of making love 3 days before week 4 against my surgeon’s instructions - so I know it works well. I just wasn’t ready for that and immediately regretted that act of passion, regardless of how gentle the whole thing was. I vowed to wait til July 24th til I see Mr Fraser and get the official all clear. Cannot wait for that and am counting the days.

Another major step forward was on Saturday evening (2 days ago) when I managed up to the golf course for 7 holes. I love golf and the personal challenge of it. I’m pretty crap so that’s where the challenge comes from. I do realise that it’s not everyone’s idea of fun and appreciate that it may not be how others would judge progress, swinging what is in effect a stick at a small ball. I love it tho. The first 10 or so swings/hits I was very self conscious and apprehensive about potentially injuring myself or doing my reservoir some damage with the abdominal turn and stretch. Eventually my confidence built up but I didn’t go nuts - just swung nice and gentle and only a half swing. Irrelevant of the sporting activity, whichever sport, it was the getting back into the swing (pardon the pun) that was important. I went back up again tonight for 6 holes. I knew when to call it a day and come home so as not to overdo it. Another box ticked.

I must say, however, that golf is a stationary sport - no running - and I have thought a number of times about how I will ever be in such condition that I’ll be able to run again. As if this moment, I cannot see myself managing to run. There are constant stabs and jarring jolts of pain every day. Much as I’m up and about leading a pretty much normal life again, there are definitely times when I have to take a 5/10 minute lie down just to take pain/pressure away. It always works and I know that’s how I overcome those situations. I always feel better after that rest. That’s not doing any great activities or anything but just simple every day life activities. I’ve always played football (soccer to you guys) which requires agility and lots of sharp twists and turns as well as short, sharp sprints. Ok I’m 47 now, but I still play with friends my own age. I’ll not be able to do that for some time, I’d think, indeed if ever again. Who knows? Who knows what 4 months brings? Or 9 months or a year?

I’m still cycling the implant every day for at least 30 minutes. Things are going well in that regard. Pumping up is easy and deflating is still an inconvenience trying to locate the button. I always manage it but just that it’s always a hassle.

The pain is very irregular and comes and goes at various times like I’ve said but I didn’t sleep well last night as my penis was very nippy. I held off and held off before reaching for the Tramadol (very strong painkillers) at 4 am. These sent me back to sleep til 8.30 am. The power of drugs. I lay in bed last night thinking about lots of stuff. Things like when will there be no pain? Like no pain at all. I know it’s only been 6 weeks so I’m not saying I shouldn’t have some pain still but I was thinking more along the lines of “will I always have some residual pain? Is this now just par for the course? Have I changed my body so much that part of the cost for now being able to make love again is to live in pain?” Everyone says the pain goes away but does it actually really go away? I mean, like really fully go away or will there always be those stabs after 12 months or after 24 months etc? I actually have multiple foreign bodies inside me. I was thinking about that last night when I couldn’t sleep for the nippy pain. A bionic dick, as Hawk calls it. It really is like The Six Million Dollar Man for anyone old enough to remember how they rebuilt Steve Austin. There is a part of me that’s not human, that’s not my body. It really is a fantastical thing that I’ve done. And no one has any clue about it - no one. Not one of my close friends that I see a lot of nor any of my brothers or sisters. No one knows that I squeeze my balls to pump up my dick into a rock hard erection. And then I can potentially screw for hours on end and when I’m done I squeeze another button and it goes back to where it came from. LOL 😂What have I done?



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