What to expect with my first round of Xiaflex?

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Ok guys, I got approved for Xiaflex through my insurance, and I have my first round next week. Just wondering what I should expect and prepare for? Also, do you recommend the numbing shot or not? I look forward to any and all replies. I hope to get a before pic posted soon. Thanks for any and all help and feedback.


OH...... I obviously have never had the Xiaflex shots but I am going to say TAKE the numbing shot for sure  :)

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Don't take the numbing shot. The pain from the xiaflex shot will be over in 5-10 seconds and the less needles in your penis the better.


For what it's worth, the numbing shots are not injected in the penis. They are injected in your groin area around the base of your penis.
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I didn't take the numbing shot (not offered it either) and found the injections somehow painful but tolerable. I won't be especially interested in the numbing shot for an eventually new round.


Hello. The numbing shot is at the base of the penis (just above it). They are quite painful, but it onlylasts for 60 seconds at most. You are then completely numb which will allow the doc to stick the needle in many times without you feeling it. I suggest taking the numbing shot.


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Could you both post your experience on:
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It may help other forum members and guest to decide if to go on this way or not.

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Don't take the numbing shot - it is painful, but it is over quickly


I just had my first Xiaflex shot at 12:10 today (12/23/2016).  It was painful, but not unbearable.  There were 2 very sharp pains...Dr said he probably hit a nerve at those times...the entire shot routine took around 45-60 seconds...the needle was very small, like an insulin needle.  Otherwise, it was no more painful than the shots I have for my back.  The side of the penis is sore, at the moment, almost 3 hours later.  Nothing too bad as of yet.  Let's hope things continue to go smoothly.  The Dr said to take it easy over Christmas and return at 7:30 AM on Wednesday morning for the second shot.  I will post more as I progress.



Keep the Coflex on as long as possible because it will help keep the swelling down. You should keep your penis wrapped for 3-4 days. Trust me on this even though it isn't standard protocol with most doctors, mine is doing this and it has been beneficial for his patients to reduce swelling.


Thanks for the heads-up.  The Dr said for me to take it easy this weekend and not worry much about modeling until after the second injection, which is Wednesday, 28 Dec at 7:30AM.  So far, things have been OK.  I do have swelling, and the shaft is just about solid black and blue.  No real pain at the moment...the injection site is a little sore...much of the shaft is slightly numb, at least partially due to the swelling, I think.


Wait the 3+ days to start modeling. My URO is ultra conservative and ways 2 weeks. After my second round I started 4 days after. Please let me know if you URO does in-office modeling as mine hasn't and I go in Jan 6th for my 3rd cycle. Be prepared for the possibility of a new color penis.  Mine kind of looks like a brother not a white guy now.


Quote from: QuackAttack on December 24, 2016, 03:35:50 PM
Wait the 3+ days to start modeling. My URO is ultra conservative and ways 2 weeks. After my second round I started 4 days after. Please let me know if you URO does in-office modeling as mine hasn't and I go in Jan 6th for my 3rd cycle. Be prepared for the possibility of a new color penis.  Mine kind of looks like a brother not a white guy now.

That is funny....yes, right now I certainly look like a "brother".  My entire shaft is solid black and blue.  Some pain this morning in the groin area...I may have done too much around the house yesterday.  So far, though, not a great deal of pain, thankfully.  My Dr is also conservative.  He said we have the option of in-office modeling or he can try to teach me to self model after the second injection on Wednesday AM.  I will probably opt for the self option.  My only concern is knowing how hard to pull on it, etc...don"t want to "pop" anything, for sure!!


Today, 12/26/2016...3 days out.

No more pain and most of the swelling is gone.  Shaft still black and blue and very slight tenderness at the injection site.

Return for the second injection in the first series on Wednesday, 12/28/2016 @ 7:30AM.  Will go from there.


Had the second injection of the first series 12/28/2016, 7:30AM.  A little pain, but not much.  A lot less bruising than the first shot.  This injection was further back along the shaft than the first...that may be the difference in pain, swelling, etc.

Returned to Dr 12/30/2016 @ 3PM for penile modeling.  This basically consisted of the Dr grabbing and pulling, bending and squeezing the penis for 4 cycles of 30-60 seconds each.  My penis is a little sore right now...he said to expect some pain and possible swelling.  Now I am to do the modeling 3-4 times per day at home and call him back in 4-5 weeks to get the second cycle started.

I can feel some change in elasticity of my penis, even after only 6 days.  Still have the bend...will have to see what the future holds.


Yeah fill us in. I'm headed in for my 2nd shot. my experience is same as yours.


So I'm a week into my modeling after my 2nd shot of the first round.  I don't see a lot of improvement yet.  The swelling and coloration all went away and my penis feels pretty healthy. I'm in my 3rd week now of no sex or masturbation.  This is worse than the shots!!! I've never gone this long without. Oh well only 3 more days of that torture. lol.

I'll keep modeling until my next round.  I've been going 3 times a day.  Next week i'll step it up to 4 times a day..  When do you guys see any improvement?  How long into the program?



It is not likely that you will see significant improvement after the first cycle. If you are lucky, you might get 5 degree change, but that is almost unnoticeable. You will begin to see results after several cycles. This is because the Xiaflex has begun to break down the scar tissue. I began to see results most after the 4th cycle. In four cycles, I would say I have reduced 15 degrees from my original 50 degrees.


Thanks, it helps to hear your stories so it keeps my expectations grounded.