Verapamil traumatic injection or not?

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Hi guys, Verapamil traumatic injection or not? it can create a traumatic situation in the penis?   :-[ I think this problem


I tried these injections a while back, 10 in total. There is some discomfort and pain and the calcification did shrink a bit but it didnt help with the bend much, for me at least. I ended up having surgery but i would encourage you to try the injection first and give them a chance

Steve W

Nofear, I'm not sure what you mean by "traumatic" but when I did the series of 12 shots, there was some pain involved during injection. On one occasion, my penis turned black and blue. I was willing to pursue further injections, because the bend had been somewhat reduced, while the overall size of the plaque didn't change. My urologist refused further treatment claiming he could see/feel no improvement. The improvement I had was very apparent while erect, probably reduced by about 1/3, from 90 to 60 degrees. He never induced an erection, so had no baseline.  
65, Albuquerque, NM. First onset 18 years ago. Original bend reach 90 degrees, now 60. Verapamil helped slightly, as did pumping early on. Now using traction and waiting for Medicare & my private insurance to cover an implant next year.


I tried it before surgery option....did nothing for me. Not sure why it's even still a protocol that doctors try.



Verapimil is a cakewalk compared to Xiaflex. I have gone through 7 cycles of Verapimil and have never had much of an issue. Xiaflex beats the crap out of you penis. It's worth trying.


Does Verapamil cause swelling? I was told by Dr. Lue in San Fran that my tunica was too thin and that a xiaflex injection would cause swelling and most likely a rupture.

Did verapamil help at all?

I've had peyronies for a few years been taking pentox and cialis with no results. I've got a 65% curve to the left but real complaint is the loss of girth and a dent on the left side.

32 yrs old had slight left bend starting at 29. Started Pentox and cialsis 2 years later developed multiple plaques on both sides one on top. Lost 1 inch of length and girth after multiple plaques became present. Now pentox 1x a day and 2.5 of ciali