Did i fracture my penis?

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I injuried my penis on july 4th and we were in missionary position and she was rocking her hips and i heard and felt a crack from my penis and felt a sharp pain. I kept going for a few minuetes until i lost my erection. No hemotoma. No bruising, atleast i dont think i might have had a tiny bruise. If i hear a crack in my penis with sharp pain Does that automatically mean i fractured my penis?

I took a doppler ultrasound flaccid 4 months after the injury. Urologist said he dosent think i fractured it.

But i defintely felt a sharp pain and heard a crack from my penis. So what does that mean? And iv bad e.d since the injiry happened.


Those symptoms are similar to mine. I also fracture mine in 2014. I have moderate Ed. There are cases, like mine, in which you don't even loose your erection.

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Yeah but i dodnt have hematoma in mine. You cant assume that everyone that has a crack and sharp pain has a penile fracture.

If i tore my tunica blood would come out and go somewhere right? Either out the urethra or hematoma or blood that would go back into the testicles. Thr blood would have to go somewhere.


Oh so you are in denial now? Lol dude, I also didn't have blood on the penis. Nothing but a very small hematoma. But... Feel free to pretend you didn't fracture it. Enjoy your limp shaft


So your assuming that everyone who had a crack and a sharp pain had a penile fracture? Is that how it works? Can somebody else put in there opinion?

I trust my urologist

I refuse to lower myself to an animal. I wish you nothing but good health, and i hope your attitude changes. Seriously.


cheezenips, that sucks, In Western countries, sexual intercourse with the female on top account for most cases of penile fracture, probably due to the mechanical force exerted on the erect penis.

See below link;

If your erection dysfunction continues after 6 Months then it would be best to get a second, perhaps a third opinion on likely cause  :-\
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Yeah im gonna trust my uro for now and assume it wasnt a fracture. Hopefully its just a dorsal nerve injury. But the thing im worried about is that crack, we were doing it missionary but the girl did some weird rocking thing and move the wrong way while i was inside. I feel like the doppler ultrasound would still be able to detect a fracture 4 months after the injury right?


Cheeznips fracture or not, what does it matter ? You have ED  now if it is a fracture it cant be fixed , because you are 4 months since injury not 48 hours after. And if it isnt fracture you continue having ED and it isnt going to change , so the best that you can do is to focus on the solution of the ED


Cheeznips: you have no idea of the things you are writing about, and obviously, prefer to believe your urologist, because it puts your mind at ease. Most fractures, cause some degree of ED unless you are surgically repaired until 48 hours later. Number one problem is micro arteries inside your penis getting blocked, because the shaft bends.

Also... A lot of times, penile fractures go misdiagnosed by urologists. Lots of times! You obviously have not read anything about this.

As for my attitude? It's revolting to see so many guys fracturing their penis, due to sex or jelquing and then, not acknowledging it even with all the proof in front of them.

As for the doctor... The consultation is free... 10 minutes on the phone, to get a second opinion, from America's #1 doctor on sexual medicine. And I am the one that needs to change,right?  


Well the e.d is there but its getting alot better. I took 2.5 cialis yesterday night and last night i had 2 good erections. But its just the nerves that are bothering me. Im pretty sure the lack of sensation is causing e.d if i do get it. My uro said he thinks the nerves will come back and to wait and be patient. Im just depressed over this numbness issue. Iv had numbness from my first injury back in 2005 which created this plaque. But over time my nerves came back slowly until this incident happened. And now its numb'er than ever


Quote from: cheeznips on November 17, 2017, 02:06:10 AM
So your assuming that everyone who had a crack and a sharp pain had a penile fracture? Is that how it works? Can somebody else put in there opinion?

You asked the forum for their advice and when someone is kind enough to offer you there's, you turn around and tell him he shouldn't assume anything, or like your previous thread, you don't reply at all. All pfract did was provide you with information about his situation.

I believe it is your attitude that needs to change.  



Proposing you to read the forum rules before continuing with your posts or better said with your posting style!
As others had mentioned already, you are asking members to relate to your problems and then get angry and rude if the answers don't fit your expectations?
I am happy you trust your doctor so just follow his advice

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