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Hello all

I am new to this, diagnosed only recently, and coming to terms with it slowly but surely.
I guess I am not alone. At least that is a comfort.

I have a few simple questions.

When the early phase is over, does the pain stop?
Is there actually anything I can do about this, or is it all really experimentation?
My pens has not curved so badly, but it has shrunk when erect and I struggle to maintain an erection. Is this what life will be like from now on?
Is there any surgery that can actually help?

I am sure that all these questions have been asked before, but I am new to this, and I would really appreciate some practical help.




I expect this post will be moved.

What, if anything, did your Urologist recommend?  

If you're sure you're still in the active phase now is the time to fight this. Get a prescription for Pentox, if you can.

Both VED and traction therapy will help with erection quality and also help mitigate any curvature.

Surgery is the last resort when all else has failed to restore a fairly normal sex life.