Krzysztof 34 y/o - my story, actual state and probably reasons

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Hi everyone!

I am here for 1 month and after some reads I also decided to write sth about me and my Peyronie's experiences.

I am 34 years old and I have seen first symptoms of Peyronie around February 2017, so probably I am now in 6th month of disease (or further). The first symptome: it was a little softer and shorter erectile and later a little pain during erectile. The second symptome: I observed deformation in two points where I can also feel some induration - what USG confirmed a month ago (I had diagnosed 1,5 mm and 2 mm calcification). Now, I am already after two consultations with Urologists and from one of the Doctor's I get a recomendation for vit. E and from the second one I don't have any recomendation, because he claims that nothing works..

So now I am taking vit. E and observing myself.. I rely on placebo, own learning and hope :/

And in the end, a little own thoughts and conclusions about possible reasons of Peyronie's in my case:
- inflamation (a lot of alcohol and cigarettes during parties in every weekend),
- micro-injuries: during hard sex positions and experiments with sex toys like rings or overlays for penis.

Upgrade: after 3rd consultation with other urologist, I get information that in his opinion it isn't Peyronie.. but it is just calcification in two points on penile.. and I can do nothing with it also.

Best regards,