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I'm currently on my second round of xiaflex and none of my injections have caused any bruising. I've done tons of reading and I've also spoken directly to the drug manufacturer. It is uncommon to NOT have swelling or bruising. I'm really concerned that my doctor has little experience. Also his modeling technique is TOTALLY different than what the xiaflex instructions are. Is there anyone here who has had xiaflex treatment and has not had swelling and bruising? I was expecting this to me a very ugly show. So far, clean as can be AND WITH NO RESULTS.  



Here is what you can expect. You may not have much bruising after the first injection in a cycle; however, after your second injection, your penis has basically been taken behind the wood shed and beaten to a pulp. Unless your URO is an absolute genius and has such perfect technique that he doesn't ever nick a blood vessel, then you're going to get bruising.

With that said is your URO doing two injections per cycle? I have heard some URO's using only one, which I personally don't think would be effective. I have ggone through 5 cycles and have always had bruising after the second injection. Now there have been times where I had less and other times when I had more. I just finished my fifth cycle two weeks ago and it wasn't until today that my penis was back to normal. I would question if your URO is actually using Xiaflex.