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This area is NOT for posts about improvement in pain since that is universal.  Also, do NOT post about a reduction in plaque size since that is also typical.  This is also not a board for asking questions.  Posts that violate these guidelines will be deleted.

This area is ONLY for posts about actual improvement in deformity and function (bend, dent, curve, erection, buckling).  Please be as specific as possible: How long did you have Peyronies Disease when you began to see the improvement?  What actually improved?  How much did it improve? What treatments did you use and when?  What is your gut feeling about the improvement being related to spontaneous improvement or the result of some treatment?  State whether improvement in functional erections seems permanent, or if it is the result of ongoing use of prescriptions or supplements.

Write your posts to the members in general or as a personal journal entry.  Do not address comments to specific members since this is NOT a board for 2 way discussion!

If you have questions you can quote the Original Poster's comments in another board or PM him.  He can expand on his post here to answer questions or add additional data.  I do NOT want these accounts buried.  They should be easy for new members and others to find

These rules are formulated so there is one quick place where others can see accounts of improvement without scrolling through pages of posts like the other boards.  Discussion about these improvements and methods should take place elsewhere.
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