Answering questions about my Plication surgery

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It's been a little over a year since I had plication surgery to fix congenital curvature. I'm forgetting all the medical terms right now, but I had a "down" curvature that was equal on both sides, so it was straight.  I'll answer any questions you might have, I had a hard time getting info about the surgery before I had it. There were definitely surprises along the way..

Once I dig up some pics I will share them if you like.  


Sure that would be great. I aim to show before and after pics as well my surgery is June 29th. I have a upward curve/hinge. My Dr. has been great so far... fingers crossed about the rest  :)  


My recovery wasn't textbook. It was painful and required several different pain meds and periodic cold packs and a few cold showers to stop a painful erections, I spent two weeks off work and mostly in bed. I wasn't sleeping through the night because of the erections. Add to that the fact that it appears I am allergic to absorbable(sp?) sutures.  I asked for an alternate to degloving if able and my Dr was able to make a one inch incision distal/on top. I just couldn't wrap my mind around degloving. I lost an INCH in length but gained girth(nice bonus). I have what may be scar tissue that has caused a mild curve to the right. I need to go back to the Dr to confirm the scarring and possible remedies.  He said to come back in a year, which it now has been.  

I also had a varicocele repaired at the same time.