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Hello, this is mi story:

I noticed a lump on my penis. At the beginning it was only a lump, but a couple of weeks later I started to feel pain during erections, so I went to an urologist. He said I had Peyronie's  disease and he gave me vitamin-E 400x2 (and enantium for the pain), and ordered me to make an ultrasound.  The ultrasound revealed calcified plaques and the urologist said to keep on with the vitamin-E and come back after 3 months.

Soon after I started to feel a new lump and small deviation of the penis, and still pain during erections even though the enantium I was taking, so I went back to the urologist, who said that this was normal in this disease and told me to take it easy and keep on with the vitamin.

I decided to visit another urologist to have a different point of view, and he told me the same: vitamin E + wait and see.  I was trying to be objective and confident to the doctors, but inside me something was telling me that vitamin E was doing nothing and I decided to find a third urologist. This one also told me to take vitamin E, so I thought: "well it seems that is the only way" and feeling worst day by day.

After a couple of months the lumps were bigger, and I developed new ones. The curvature increased and started to annoy me very much. I was very worried thinking 24 hours a day: "what's going to happen? When will this stop? Will I be able to have sex? How will be my life? Why me?...".

 I went for a new ultrasound that revealed that the calcifications had grown and there were new ones. After that I went back to the first urologist (who had a lot of prestige in my town) and I told him that my condition was getting worst and worst, and that I was not happy with the results of taking only vitamin E, and that my wife (who was so supportive) had find on the internet about the existence of a new drug called "xiaflex". But he told me that xiaflex was not good for my case, and he prescribed me Cialis and to continue with vitamin E. We have to wait until it´s stabilized to perform then surgery if needed. He even said "don't worry, if you develop erectile dysfunction I will implant you a prosthesis like this" (showing me one). He said he was the Spanish doctor who had implanted more prosthesis in the whole country....  (I was about to cry...)
I left the doctor's consultation thinking about running out there and never go back. Don't forget his name: Mariano Rossello. He claimed to be expert in peyronies, but I started to look for information on the internet about the disease and I started to discover how wrong he was.

I read the European Association of Urology and the American Urological Association guidelines to check for treatments, and then I discovered this forum. I had very little time and my English is not so good, so it took me too much time to have all the information I needed, but when I got it, and with the advice of some Spanish members of the forum (thank you guys!) I decided to visit two real expert doctors, and I finally got a xiaflex cycle with Dr Martinez-Salamanca in Madrid.
You can see the final results on this link:

FORUM XIAFLEX RESULTS (Results only, not a discussion board) - Peyronies Society Forums

Before finding this last urologist I felt desperate for the uncertainty, depressed... Now I feel much better, specially on the psychological part, more confident.
Sometimes I regret about the time I lost on the acute phase, thinking what could be my condition now if I had gone to a good specialist from the beginning. But I try not to think too much of it, I'm accepting the way my penis is now (not the same as before, but still ok). I can have sex with my wife, and I'm not worried about the future.

I would like to thank all the members of this forum for the help they bring and the knowledge they share , and I will be glad to help other people if they need me via PM, (even though I don't enter the forum daily).