Week Two Post Plication surgery

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Hi all,

Firstly thanks to all contributors on this site - its been an invaluable source of resource and comfort when biting the bullet and realising that surgery had to be done.

My curve was congenital, with no plaques found on an ultrasound. In terms of the defect, I had a large upward curve with the glans practically looking at me, with a slight left tendancy. Most of my erections lead to the penis literally pointing to West if I faced North, with very few ending up with it facing me once fully erect.

Had a total of 3 plications (after fixing the upward curve with 2x plications the surgeon advised that another curve needed attention) and have had barely any pain whatsoever since- bar the night-time and involuntary erections which are painful, but thankfully not unbearable. No issues or complications whatsoever in that respect.

Some other bits of info if needed:

- No history or complaint of Erectile Dysfunction
- Circumcised as a child
- No plaques found on ultrasound
- No haematoma or other complications experienced after surgery
- Bandage removed 14hrs later before discharge - surgeon said didn't need any wrapping at all.
- Discharged with pain relief and antibacterial ointment to apply on the de-gloving wound

I'm due to follow up with my surgeon in another 3 weeks, and am being fastidious with wound treatment and after-care. No sex or masturbation of any kind, I barely touch it....I want the best shot at success.

Quick summary of main points from my recovery:

After surgery - No sensation from the pain block - literally no sensation of penis even when urinating. Told this would last 6hrs, eventually lasted nearly 20hrs (no complaints from me)
Day 1 - glimmers of sensation and some light discomfort (wouldn't call it pain) starting to develop
Day 2 - same as Day 1 - starting to feel more, and notice am tender when touching penis to urinate. De-glove site very tender.
Day 3 - awoke to a painful night-time errection, could feel tension and pulling on what I know to be stitches. 6 out of 10.
Days 4 to 8 - very aware and conscious that intra-day naps are causing more involuntary erections. They're always mini-ones (not full rigidity, less than half-mast) and I'm noticing the discomfort and how annoying it is that you can't stop it getting a bit bigger despite your best attempts at thinking of something else!

From Day 8 onward the sensation improved in the penis, as did the minor discomfort from the plication sites and de-glove wound.

As I type I'm at Day 14, I still have random bouts of minor discomfort around the plication sites. The de-glove wound is looking very healthy - 90% of the stitches held and is looking pink and healthy. I can now urinate as normal (without being conscious of being delicate when holding etc) but I'm still very aware its not healed and I need to look after it.

The only potential worry I have is that a curve still exists (not a cosmetically small one) from the erection I just had. We're obviously all very in tune with a semi vs. a full-on charger and this was the first one I've had since the surgery that went above the 'semi stage, but not to the point of being a full-on rigid erection.

The surgeon told me that it was near perfectly straight after surgery, and I've had barely any pain whatsoever so doubt I've ripped or pulled an internal stitch. Am I rushing the process? I know that full recovery takes 4 months or longer, but I've read post after post on different boards from members that have taken barely a week to declare the surgery a success.

I'm reminding myself that my curve existed in the top half of my penis and that the top-half has never been fully erect yet, hence stitches unlikely to be at the tortional levels and full effectiveness until then, but I'm yet to see a post-op post yet that mentions seeing a curve post-op but then correcting when they finally achieve a full and pain-free erection.

Any advice welcome!


Adam83 -  If you weren't obsessing about your dick right now you wouldn't be normal. hehe

That said, give the outcome some time. You don't want a titanium erection right now, you want healing. The results - - both visual and functionally pleasing - - are on their way.

Just give it some time. Patience is a virtue. DO NOT have sex or jack off for at least six weeks minimum. You only get one dick. There are many systems inside that puppy, and they all need time to recover.

I am at the five month post-surgery mark, I totally relate to what you are experiencing. My daily obsession with my dick finally abated, a normal life is mine, and I can go eight hours without thinking of my dick a single time!!

And, just this weekend I had the best sex ever.

Time, dude, just give it time.




John - appreciate the reply, and your treatment diary which was invaluable and an enjoyable read!

Hear you on everything you said, but I still feel anxious that 2 weeks in that if it was going to be straight it would/should be - healing aside.

Yet to read of anyone else having the same other than declaring it a failed opp.

The wait for the consultant follow up  (4 weeks) isn't going to be fun.


adam83 -  Somewhere in my diary I also explain how the plications interact with the infrastructure of your dick. The plications are fully engaged (delivering visual results)  when you are at maximum titanium erection status. The surgeon would have enduced such an erection whilst you were out, and at the maximum point installed the plications. To see them fully engaged, you have to be fully engorged.

Makes sense. Generally, anything less than full,  full engorgement will show curvature - -  in degrees. It doesn't take weeks for you to see that result.

Do you feel as if you've already seen a max erection and didn't see a straight dick?


Thanks John, just debating whether it was worth disturbing surgeon and potentially moving follow up forward, that's logical and helpful.

It definitely wasn't max max I was worried it was but top end of penis had flex to it and didn't feel of look like full mast to me.

I think I'm being a bit impatient and will wait for a full 100% erection before being too gutted about it, but like I say the Internet isn't swimming with congenital plication surgery follow ups showing anything but a ruler after a week on average.



Did the erection got better or worse? Please feed back