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Hi guys, not sure if i'm on the right board or even the right website but hoping someone might have experience or thoughts on this!

Quick history- Im 28 now, had congenital curvature 90 degrees, got nesbitt in 2012 which was a disaster, then got stage with Dr Kuehhas in 2013. Generally pretty happy and as many others on the forum have described Dr Kuehhas is a great surgeon. Nonetheless from the 2 ops I have some scars on the top of the shaft under the skin which are not nice and also girth is not great. I was looking online at the hyaluronic acid injections (I noticed London andrology do them) to give some more girth and also I was wondering if they might smooth out over the scars (papering over the cracks a bit!) or is my science wrong? I know some people on this forum have a much better understanding of the anatomy than me and its good to get unbiased opinions! I know they arent permanent and need top ups, but they seem fairly low risk and the cost doesn't worry me too much.

Appreciate any thoughts,


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The HA is injected into the dartos fascia (between skin and bucks fascia). I'm guessing the scarring is in bucks fascia, so yes, this would work well to cover the scarring, IMO. HA is the only form of penis enlargement that is close to being safe/worth it. The only problems I've ever heard of were aesthetic, such as hard nodules forming. Which is a problem with all permanent/non-permanent fillers. The great thing about HA is if you have any problems you can either immediately get rid of it with enzymes, or if it's not so bad you can wait for it to go away on it's own. As far as I know it will last up to 2 years, so this isn't exactly cheap, if you want to keep getting it/topping up. But better than having problems with a permanent filler such as PMMA.
This stuff gets discussed nonstop over at Phalloboards, I would check that out. Also, many people are quite adamant that the doctor that injects uses a cannula instead of needles as you really don't want to inject into an artery.


The one thing for me though is that we don't have normal dicks. They don't heal properly, so something that works well for other people, could be a disaster for us.

There have been a fair few people here who have had new plaques appear at the location of injections...
This is an emotionally destructive condition, we all have it, let's be nice to each other.

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Skunkworks, the HA is injected into the dartos fascia, which is loosely connected to top layer of skin, and bucks fascia below, it is what allows the skin to slide along bucks fascia. It is present in foreskin, so it is very superficial, pretty much a skin layer. So we arent talking about, for instance, injecting trimix or verapamil etc. into the tissue that for peyronie's sufferers may be compromised. That said. Anything can happen. I don't have peyronie's, I have injured dartos fascia which turned into an extremely swollen lump, and it was very painful, and it still hasn't got totally better. I haven't found other people on the whole internet having the same thing happen other than a top urologist saying when dartos gets injured it doesn't heal properly.

So I am uniquely qualified to say it may not be a good idea, though I haven't seen anyone who has done this have SERIOUS complications. Another possible complication that others have stated is: Will injecting this stuff compromise lymph flow or damage the penile lymphatics. The dartos houses the superficial lymph system in the penis which drains the skin. Numerous people who have injected PMMA notice swelling after sex which takes a long time to go away. Since I injured the spot on my penis I have had an inflamed lymph channel there for years now.

I figured I should make another post, maybe the first was too gung-ho. I wouldn't do it myself and in no way am I advocating doing this. The only positive thing HA has going for it is it is safer than the alternatives, but that's because the other options are REALLY BAD.


Thanks guys, pretty similar to my own thoughts but its good to get a second opinion! I must check phalloboards, thanks for the advice!