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Let's go to vote. Should I announce existence of new effective natural remedy  for Peyronie's disease or not, which is still under clinical researches. I was under the treatment and my disease was gone, but I signed some  paper that I will not talk about this until the end of the year.


We need evidence for us to believe this. Honestly, if you can't tell us just wait.

I'm not getting my hopes up


You can't dangle a carrot like that. At least give us some info as to your degree/severity of peyronie's and how long you had it, etc and if this to be an over the counter product or prescription etc.  A lot of us are grasping at any inkling of hope.  Without this, it sounds like spam.


So much for signing papers saying you wouldn't talk about it. Now that you've broken the agreement... :-X


This must be the same guy that said he had a cure too..
Age: 25
Date of onset: 17
Symptoms: sharp pains, numbness, change in shape/size, hourglassing and discolaration from jelqing/VED usage as a teen. Diagnosed with a venous leak and possible scarring.
Treatments tried: cialis, pentox and VED didnt help


what a tool! that's one of the worst attempts at trolling I've seen


One thing is sure. You will not get the medicine in the near future. You are so negative.


How many people has this helped thus far?

Why do we have to travel to get to it?

What evidence, other than your own personal case, is there that this works?

Why does the site not provide any proof of any of this, and yet asks for money? Did you actually create this site?

It seems like a scam. And as someone who is pretty much at rock bottom, I would do anything to cure myself. But I'm not shelling out thousands of dollars and to travel to a place that could turn out to be a torture hostel.


Your problem is generally that you do not believe in natural remedies. The science is discovered and will discovered many things you can not aware of which can help to many people to finally find a cure. Those scientists have universal medicine and also medicine for ALS and for other motor neuron diseases, arthritis and etc.,(cause of arthritis and peyronie's have almost same root). That is way they want to stay anonymous for now. If you have something extraordinary and important you will have many friends but much more enemies. They wish to give cure only to patients which not asking too much. Yes it is hard to believe but it is very worth to try.


Hi I am new here. I am interested in all kind of medicine that helps. So far I didn't have any luck with any method that I tried, some even worsen my Peyronies Disease. I believe that cure is out there and that it is in nature and that it needs to be found. I am willing to do anything to cure my self. And I am tired of all this useless information on forum. and I do not understand why people write so many useless advice's. We are all here with one reason to heal our self. If you have cure for it and has worked for you I would likely know what it is and how to get it. I believe that we all here know what is Peyronies Disease disease is and how impact our life. So my friend please if you really have a cure help us to get it, do not play with us. Personally I do not have time to waste, I just want to heal my self, that I can have normal life again.So if you can help me I would appreciate if you do so. If you can not please do not give us false hope. 


So Armando you are very lucky because you are living in Croatia and you have big chance to heal your peyronie's disease.

Poštovani, mi smo blizu vas u komšiluku, ako ste u Hrvatskoj. Ovo je istinita priča ali ispričana na neobičan način jer se traže zbilja oni pacijenti koji su bliže nama i koji će sigurno doć na tretman koji traje između 3 do čak 8 dana, zavisi od stanja bolesti. Obzirom da se radi o naučnom fenomenu koji se još ispituje, u ovoj fazi ljekari žele da rade sa što manje publiciteta i sa što manje iznošenja podataka u javnost. Naravno zbog činjenice da mnogi traže detaljne informacije o liječenju da bi došli na tretman, mi ne možemo publikovati sve o ovom tretmanu i tražimo samo one pacijente koji će pristat na naše uslove. Ovaj lijek je nešto iznimno novo i ima široku primjenu u liječenju mnogih bolesti, te stoga će bit predmet pažnje i onih ljudi iz farmaceutskih tvrtki koji ne žele da se pojavi njima konkurentan lijek koji liječi mnoge bolesti i uradiće sve da spriječe pojavu ovog lijeka. Stoga tražimo pogodne pacijente sa kojima možemo kompletno sarađivati i koji će držati riječ i sve ostalo kako se budemo dogovorili. Ako ste zbilja zainteresirani pošaljite. Vjerujem da ćemo i vama pomoći kao i mnogima do sada.


why do the admins not delete that crap and ban does idiots? it's obviously utter BS and it's just getting the hopes of people up. TS actually sent me a PM calling me stupid for not believing in his miracle drug. it's ridiculous...


Dear Administrator,

This is only way that I can contact you because you block even my email. My previous profile progress2016 is blocked and now I wish you to remove all my posts in connection with my profile "progress2016". It is not ok to block my profile and still keep my posts and everybody can comment on it, it is not fair. Medicine for Peyronie's disease really exists but in this phase of research we can not announce. Many people from this forum do not want to believe in my story which is similar to scam and I am aware of that and they are nervous which I can understand. We have our reason not to expose all information about the medicine. Anyway I wish to cancel all my posts, profile (even THIS ONE immediately when you delete all my posts from progress2016.

I am awaiting your soon reply.

Thank you in advance.


You say you are not a spammer, and I hope you are not. And I am sure you understand why all of us here are always suspicious when someone says "I have the cure" and is not prepared to offer details and back it up. If you cannot talk about the details, then what was your purpose here? I hope that in a year you come back and can then offer the details we ask for without being under the consent of an agreement.

The other thing that looks suspicious is that all of your posts come from a different IP address. I would understand if all were in the same domain but your posts come from unrelated domains. I understand you could be using different locations, Internet cafe's, etc. But again, it looks suspicious.

And as far as your posts, you registered on our forum, along with the guidelines of our forum. It is our right to monitor, follow-up, block, or even ban users if it is in the best interest of protecting our user forum. It is absolutely fair. I may choose to delete your posts at a future point in time, but not because you ask me too. Your posts become part of the history and fabric of the forum.

My advice is:
1. Back up your claims. If they are true and you cannot disclose now, then come back when you are able. Then we will gladly listen.
2. Just stop posting. You bring more attention to yourself when you keep posting and making demands.

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