Penile Plication Surgery - 18 days post-surgery

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Update 8/1/16:  The diary of my plication surgery recovery is now on line:,7707.0.html   CAUTION this link opens on the Surgery Board with photos.

Original post:  I had penile plication surgery June 23, 2016. After two months of reading medical studies/outcomes, and binge watching on-topic YouTube videos from around the world, I skipped all the effort of alternative treatments and therapies, and went straight to surgery.

I'm keeping a diary of the play-by-play for sharing later, but yesterday:

The UW Men's Health Clinic supporting male sexuality is the place I selected to entrust my body. They are pushing the envelope in electronic patient portal services. I can upload photos to the urology surgeon without having to make a four hour round trip drive.

Yesterday I uploaded photos of the stitches around my shaft on the cutline from the de-gloving step. Here's the response I received, "John -- That healing is exactly what we're looking for. It looks great. No need to return for further post-op visits if you're happy with the result."

Ha! Totally satisfied is more like it. I went from an erect 50 degree congenital curve, to an erect straight dick. The healing has sailed by.

But, guys, here's the thing:

1) You are responsible to research and find someone you can trust. Don't just cave in and go with the first Tom, Dick, or Harry you meet with. Interview these folks, and find someone who is passionate about the male dick, someone who uses words like, "I want you to be totally satisfied with your penis, and for your sex life to be great." That's the surgeon you want.

2) Before AND after surgery, it is your responsibility to be a smart steward of your body. Example, post-surgery I developed a cleaning routine for the stitches on my dick to prevent infection, complications, etc. It's up to you to do everything possible to reduce risk to that area AND increase the likelihood of a trouble free recovery at the cutline.

18 days after surgery my stitches have nearly dissolved, the wound is 99% healed, I'm now at the 99.9% pain free point, and I never had a single complication on the cutline. This is way beyond my expectations. I am euphoric.

My calendar is marked "SEX" the second week of August. The ENTIRE week. You might say I'm looking forward to that week, and I'm owning the responsibility of managing my body to get there. It isn't the doctor's job, or the Nanny State's job. It's mine.