Possibly reinjury with traction device. Should I use the traction device more?

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Sounds like a dumb question but for the past 5 months I'v been dealing with Erectile Dysfunction and Peyronie's since a minor penile fracture. My urologist diagnosed me a couple months back and gave me vitamin E and wanted to do the wait and see approach. Through tons of research I panicked for answers when I realized the wait and see approach is not the way to go. At first I had sex 2 weeks following my fracture because I was having ED issues and I wanted to test myself. I was successful but I'm pretty sure now sex probably re-injured my penis because my ED increased. 4 months later I stopped porn and masturbation (which caused a flatline) and took all the pills I could afford ( Multi-vitamin, 2,000mg L-Arginine, Pycnogenol, Fish Oil ). I also used a cream to promote healing and elasticity in my penis from the website

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**Guys this stuff works** very similar to Vitamin E/Veramaphill lotion but more ingredients.

I saw improvement and I never lost length but I lost girth. I would be able to achieve an erection every 3 weeks But every time I got an erection (after my 90 days of nofap) I would masturbate thinking I'm "cured". This would sometimes cause me to flatline again OR cause me to have more erections. Weird...

but I got greedy. I ordered the size genetics to get rid of my flaccid shortening, hourglass during flaccid, promote blood blood (I have a fat pad), and ADD INCHES (GUYS BE HAPPY WITH WHAT YOU f'^+'ing HAVE!)

That's the problem after my 2nd use I used a semi-boner and strapped into the size genetics already with longer elongation bars . I stretched it out 1 cm pasted my flaccid like instructed and I held it for an hour. The day afterwards I could see increased stretched marks in penis which caused the waist or "hourglass" to become as severe as 4 months ago. The head of my penis is also smaller than before.

I'm going to maintain treatment and be cautious but should I use the traction STILL but more safely to help decrease the plaque from hardening and shortening my penis?

I have not felt any pain in my penis and the curvature in my penis is slightly to the right not severe. The biggest problem is the hourglass. Should I switch to VED immediately?

Bud luck

My first symptoms started early in 2019
I tried Traction device, Pentofixiline, Q10, TRT, L-Argenine, cialis
I have narrowing/dent/hinge on the left side of my shaft
My ED is getting worse
Had a PRP shot Aug 2021
I have a girlfriend
Age 46