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Hi all

I'm 32 years old and new to the forum, hoping for a bit of help and advice from anyone who is keen to chime in!

Firstly I'm very relieved to find this forum. Other than my therapist (who I recently started seeing having become a bit depressed with everything going on) I have only told two close friends about my peyronies, and both kind of flinched and grimaced! Despite being good friends and great people, it seems like a tough topic to discuss with most people.

So yeah I'm 32, and was diagnosed with peyronies around 2 years ago having had it (it came on overnight really) around 6 months prior to that. I spent those 6 months thinking 'what the hell!?' basically. At the time I was living in Australia but have since returned back to the uk, despite loving aussy life. I saw a urologist in oz and in England, and both were pretty useless and left me feeling helpless. Only 6 months ago did I start digging around the net a little to discover facts about traction devices and felt gutted that neither urologist had advised that such things existed. I'm experiencing the same feelings right now having finally discovered this forum and seeing that there are medication options, and many users recommending the use of vacuum devices. Right now I'm really frustrated with myself for not doing more earlier to read around the internet. Having suffered with anxiety for a few years I struggle to get my head around things a bit.

At the time of seeing both urologists I was able to naturally get and mostly maintain an erection, but one much smaller and less 'powerful' than pre-peyronies. I suffer with some dull pain most of the time, and I feel like my penis has generally shrunk, and so has my confidence and libido. My last relationship was a disaster because of this, despite having a loving girlfriend. My symptoms have now seemed to develop a bit more into erectile disfunction, often I cant get an erection. I haven't taken any medication for this ever, but am looking to try something now. I have been advised to look into DMSO, but I cannot see any trending conversations on this?

PDS seems to recommend CO Q10 - 200 - 400 mg daily divided into 2 or 3 doses, Acetyl L-Carnitine 1.5 - 3 grams per day divided into 2 or 3 dose and L-arginine 1.5 - 3 grams per day divided into 2 or 3 doses. As I am in the northern England, can anyone offer any advice on how to obtain these and whether all should be taken together? Has anyone had any success with these products?

I am also keen to get a recommendation on a vacuum device as I really really struggle with my Jas extender traction device. It is just annoying to put on and seems to constantly slip off. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

I'm pretty much single, because I very much have my guard up because I feel like any relationship is going to be a struggle at the moment until I have a bit of a breakthrough with some type of treatment and/or get my head around all of this a bit better. It seems as though my peyronies is still developing as I am still experiencing quite a bit of pain?.. and plus I am experiencing a bit of an increase in occasions where I cannot get or maintain a proper erection.

As a reflex action (and despite the fact that I don't have very much money at the moment!) I have just also contacted Dr Suks Minhas at London Urology associates who seems to at least offer advice on non-invasive treatments, something that the two urologists that I have seen in the past have categorically not done. If anyone in the north of England has any other recommendations that do not involve a trip to London then this would be greatly appreciated.

I have been on this forum reading and digesting information for the past 6 hours solid. It seems that a lot of good treatments available in places like Canada are not available in the uk, which upsets me a bit.

Despite peyronies causing quite a bit of phsycological trauma, today I do feel a bit of renewed hope that something can be done to manage it. With the right guidance. If anyone can offer anything up on any of the things I mention above then It'd be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, and good to be here.


My advise to you would be to educate yourself on the following:

Pentox, low dose Cialis, stretching devices, vacuum devices and Xiaflex....right now those five things offer the best Band-Aid available until something new hits the market.

Good luck and best wishes!  
Born 1960, Diagnosed 2013
Initial 40 degree bend, 1" loss, Xiaflex 3 rds of 2 injections
Current 25 degree bend, no palpable plaque, 1/4" loss
VED 5-6 days/week, traction daily,
TRT 20 ml twice weekly, Cialas 3 mg - No ED - Doing Well!