SomaErectStf from Augustams stopped working

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Hi All,

After some weeks using the device, it stopped working. It does apply vacuum, but the vacuum is lost after some seconds. I have tested this not ony with my little friend but also with my hand. It just looses the vacuum after 5 seconds. I don't know where is the leakage.

Do you have any idea of what to do?

Thank you!


By the way,

You can easily hear the air coming out but it is not clear in which end the leak is on. It is definitely faulty.

May be Old Man has experience on how to return these to Augusta?



I recently took the head unit of my Response II apart to investigate why the handle keeps snapping. I noticed that there are a couple of rubber parts that contribute to the vacuum. The first is the black pressure release button. The second is an internal seal. Both are coated with a greasy substance that presumably makes them air tight. I wonder if the leak you describe is due to a lack of grease and/or the rubber seals coming unstuck from the plastic parts to which they are connected.

If you haven't emailed your distributor already, I suggest you do so. As it's only been a few weeks they may be willing to replace your head unit free of charge.




I had an Augusta manual device a couple of years ago. The vacuum control handle broke within less than 3 months.


Interesting. Did you find an alternative robust and reliable VED, and if so what?



I bought it from a guy on the site who no longer wanted it. I'm not 100% as it came with no paperwork, but from symbols and trademarks etc, I'm pretty sure it's one of these.

Farnhurst Elite - Vacuum Therapy Products

Hope the link is ok as you did ask?....



Have you kept your pubic area Shaven ?  Hairs may be killing the vacuum.  Just a suggestion.