First injection of xiaflex today.

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 I have between a 40 and 45 degree bend to the right. 

I previously had verapamil injections last year at another facility and they have done nothing for my plaques and curvature.  If anything it made things worse.

After thinking about it for a while I went back to my original urologist and decided on xiaflex injections.  He told me if xiaflex doesn't work then I'll have to get an implant.

I have six total plaques with or two near the center.  In This area one is completely on the top and the other starts on the side and goes to the top.  I think this is the one causing the curve.  There is another one near the head that is big but doesn't cause curvature it is however painful when I squeeze it. There is a couple of small ones near the base that are annoying but don't cause any issue finally there is another on the underside near the head that is medium sized but seems to be going away on its own.

The main ones I'm concerned about are the three large ones on top. 

This morning I decided I wanted him to treat the curvature causing one first. 

The procedure wasn't painful at all, even the numbing shot didn't hurt; which was definitely NOT the case with my verapamil injections.

After the numbing he injected the xiaflex in two areas of the plaque and he was done. There was a very slight pinch but that was it in terms of feeling anything.  I return Friday for another injection then molding next week.

I'm not having much pain after the injections but I am very swollen; it looks like a small egg is under my skin. I felt the swollen area and it's very soft so the xiaflex is definitely doing something down there which is more than I can say for verapamil.

The xiaflex representative was also there and he went over some exercises to do once the swelling goes down. 

I'm very confident with this doctor, he's treated peyronies for 20 years and has been doing xiaflex since its been FDA approved. 

Once my injections are complete, I'm hoping this will finally be the end of this mess. 


I hope you have great results with xiaflex. After that previous experience.... And so many plaques...  Is the doctor using xiaflex to guide the injections?