Starting post. Will create extensive personal therapy post soon.

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My condition started on November 23rd 2013. I have scarring in my left corpus cavernosum as shown by MRI as a result of having sex with a cock ring. I have been viewing this forum since ~ May 2014, but I have not posted much. Honestly, this forum use to depress the hell out of me, but that is no longer the case. In fact, I have not felt better in my life. I hope to share shortly how I overcame the psychological aspects of this problem and the vast treatments I am deploying to help. I plan on being very specific and even layout a treatment cost to help those with financial limitations.

To anyone who reads this, this disease/injury/whatever it is can make you a stronger person.



Thanks for posting and looking forward to your posts.

You are free to express what you did and hopefully will help others. Please don't post links to other commercial sales sites.
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Absolutely true that the disease can make you a stronger person.


My best of luck Frisky. Looking forward to hear from you¡