Aurorix (Moclobemide). Positive effects on erection quality

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Aurorix is s a relativley "new" antidepressant with a really really low side effect profile. It is practially harmless. For us with peyronies it is little know way to increase erection quality.

This drug is a somewhat weak antidepressant. In contrast to SSRIs, this drug does NOT seem to be causing sexual dysfunction - it has actually been shown to cause the oposite. I have read it on several forums, from different sources, I have experienced it and and there is also this study to back it up.

Effects of moclobemide on sexual performance and nocturnal erections in psychogenic erectile dysfunction. - PubMed - NCBI

I have been on it for a week, and it MOST DEFENITLY increases my erection quality. It also seems to delay my premature ejaculation.

Peyronies is physical. It sure is. A crooked penis is not psychological. But there is also a psychological base to this. Ever since peyronies started to manifest I have felt like crap, depressed and bad. My erections suffer from the physical effects of the disease but ALSO from the psychological impact. Because I dont feel as manly and good about myself as before. I realize I took too much pride in my member, and buildt my self confidence around beeing quite the alpha and fearless guy in regards to woman and sex.

Getting peyronies made me feel less horny and made me have less erections. Self confidence plummeted. I have become fearfull of showing my penis to girl, and having sex is something that I have been avoiding more and more. My dick has fortounatley been working, but not like it did. This has led to self esteem issues, and from that --> worse erections, more depression, far worse erections. It is a bad circle.

Over to aurorix. I had to try it, because I had read about its positive effects on sexual function. I have only been on it for 7 days but this stuff is a godsend. Penis is still less sensitive and crooked as usual, but it fills faster, and I am more horny and I feel more confident on my ability to perform. Already. And that makes my sex life so much better.

The same result could probably be achieved by a total lack of self critizism, totally loving oneself, being fully non depressed and functioning normally, but lets face it, that can be difficult to achieve when ones penis doesnt work as it should. Especially as a man in todays society. And always, really.

I havent seen this posted, and the effetcs of this somewhat "new" anti depressant might not be known to all here, so heads up, this crap works. I dont think it is just placebo, either.

I hope that somone else finds this interesting and beneficial. I most defenitly think this should be added ontop of the normal vitamin regime that has been showed to help for peyronies. I cannot think that this increased erection quality can be other than beneficial.

** I have to add that the effects of this drug on erection quality seems unrelated to its anti-depressant effects, shown in the study that I posted a link to above.


Hey Scotchmagic,

I noticed on a previous thread you started that you have ME/CFS.  I also have ME/CFS and have a pretty bad case of it -- I'm almost completely housebound at this point (I've been progressively ill since Nov 2011 -- I'm 36 now).  My Peyronie's started around 18 months ago and things are not good.  I'm too ill to have a sex life at this point which is good and bad I guess but the Peyronie's really smashed my hopes and dreams of recovery from ME/CFS because now even if I get better from ME/CFS I will still have to deal with Peyronies which alone is a nightmare.  I used to daydream of having another girlfriend if I ever recover from ME/CFS but now that's more difficult.

I had some Erectile Dysfunction issues before ME/CFS but mostly due to performance anxiety.  Once I got over that I was amazing in bed and always was blessed with a really large penis -- every girl I ever slept with commented on how big and great it was.  No more, since getting ME/CFS I've lost a ton of weight and the blood circulation immediately lessened to my extremities including my penis, which shrunk it some.  The Peyronies had made that even a bit worse.  My treatment is pentox,cialis, supplements, and cool showers (I can only shower about 3 times a week).  And of course because exercise is impossible with ME/CFS due to the hallmark symptom of post exertional malaise, I can't incorporate physical activity into my treatment regimen.
I'm basically hoping for a friggin miracle!

I've tried many antidepressants without much to write home about.  My primary doctor won't prescribe a MAOI inhibitor like Meclobemide.  Did you get this through a regular doctor or a psychiatrist?  Also, how is your ME/CFS?  Do you have the orthostatic intolerance and other venous abnormalities?  Do you have cognitive problems or other nervous system hypersensitivities to noise and light?

It sounds from your posts that you are relatively functional and can still work and maintain an active sex life which is really good.  Just curious on your overall situation and if you share the same difficulties in fighting Peyronies while having ME/CFS?




What I don't understand why with so positive results, no any follow up from the research time at June 2001. It's 14 years.

Age 71, Peyronies from Jan 2009 following penis fracture during sex. Severe Erectile Dysfunction.
Lost 2" length and a lot of girth. Late start, still VED, Cialis & Pentox helped. Prostate surgery 2014.
Got amazing support on the forum


Hello thanks for your post Omar. We are in the same boat, and I empathize STRONGLY with your situation. Hang in there. I think ME/CFS can be "cured". It just takes a alot of right effort. I am not there yet, but I am starting to understand what will make me better. It is complicated.

My regular doctor prescribed this medication to me with no problem, he is young and fearfull and we have a good tone inbetween us, which is important, especially when you have ME/CFS and want to try things out that you believe will work.

On a side note, this has helped for my ME/CFS - perhaps the only thing that has (except dietary restriction of wheat, milk and sugar/fructose). A Simplified Treatment Approach Based on the Glutathione Depletion-Methylation Cycle Block Pathogenesis Hypothesis for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) by Rich Van Konynenburg, Ph.D.

There is a theory based on an asumption that people with ME/CFS have a particular set of genes which they share, and that if they experience too much stress (infection, psychological, toxins, etc) then these genes makes the body stops working properly in something called "methylation", which is essentially a biochemical system that has several important functions like detoxing, removing free radicals from your blood, producing neurotransmitters for mood, etc. It is interesting, and a big read. I took the gene test and I was found to be compound heterozygote (meaning that I have 1 mutation in each of the implicated genes).

The idea is that ME/CFS is caused by oxidative stress to your cells. Stress from all kinds of sources tax your body and in the susceptible ones, the body crashes when adequite amount of stress is experienced. I think there is something in this, due to the fact that the theory is looking at a very basic bodily system (the methylation circle) for the cause of the disorder. ME/CFS has to be caused by something basic, and something that affects the wholy body, due to the symptoms from almost every organ.

I connect the stated above with peyronies. But it is offcourse more than that. The loss of blood flow from regularly excercising defenitly made my situation worse too.

I am relativley functioning. I do manage to function, but the down periods afterwards is the hardest part. Id say I am at 50%. Starting to study again in a couple of weeks, hoping that my health will tolerate that. I have an active sex life with an understanding GF and I am gratefull for that.

Regarding the symptoms that you inquire about yes, noise and light, I have to sleep with earplugs for instance, otherwise I simply cannot fall asleep. And noises do startle me. I find that this varies with the amount of fatigue I am experiencing.