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I have acute pain. I take pentox and ipuprofen 3 x each day.

Should I be massaging the indentation and do manual stretching during the acute phase. I have pain non stop regardless. I will have to waith for the pump to arrive too.


Everything I've read about this disease suggests that the answer to your question is "probably."  Just be gentle and be careful not to injure the tissue more.


I am in the acute phase with pain flaccid or erect.  Erect, the pain has been so bad I have just tried to think of something else and not touch it so it goes soft as soon as possible. The urologist is still trying to figure out what to do. I don't have the 30 degrees necessary for Xiaflex but the plaque is there, the pain is there, and I have been desperate to do something.

I tried massaging while flaccid and could work the knots of plaque.  I used castor oil just for lubricant purposes if nothing else. The effort did not result in any reduction.

One night I woke up with an erection and even though I had pain I took my thumb and worked little circular motions on the very hard plaque just under the skin with enough pressure to feel it well. I was very sore the next day.  

A couple of nights later I had another erection with about 25% less pain.  I massaged the area again and had soreness again.  The next time I had an erection the area with plaque was about 50% less in size and the pain was almost gone. I still work the area every time I am erect and getting better slowly.

I know nothing about Peyronie's other than my circumstance but my opinion is massaging flaccid is not much help.  It takes an erect penis to inflate the problem areas so you can work the tissue to break it up. About once a day I still massage the plaque while flaccid and use castor oil for a lubricant, just because.
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Massaging the area absolutely worked for me.  Felt better and my plaques have remained soft.  Be gentle with yourself.  

I have a girlfriend
Age 48, No injury
Diagnosis January 2022  
Six plaques
Hourglassing when flaccid and semi-erect
Only have my congenital curve
Massaging with vitamin E cream twice a day 
5mg Tadalafil, Healthy diet
Discomfort/aching sometimes


I tried massaging and it was my impression that it made things worse.
Be careful.
Peyronies Disease with 35 degree curve. ED; Viagra 100 becoming unreliable. Uncomfortable with needles.
Chronic Prostatitis going back decades. Hydrocele. Varicocele. Considering implant.

Mr man

Massage/stroke from glans down to base. This direction encourages oxygen rich blood into the plaques. Trained to massage.  
Latest routine. Started l-lysine 3mg daily, l-proline 5mg daily. Increased vit c intake. Accompanied with almost daily vacuum therapy. Pumping to 100% Exercise caution! Made good progress. L arginine supplements and prescribed potaba are helping.