The Little Things....after Implant Surgery

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Although I'm still debating whether I want to try Xiaflex or not, more and more I'm considering implant surgery.  For anyone that's had implant surgery, more specifically the 3 piece implant, can you elaborate on what it's like afterwards?  What are the little things that even doctors might not tell you before the surgery that you notice afterwards.  Thanks.

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There are very few men here who have had implant surgery. I suggest you visit a site called "FT" where there is a forum especially for implant recipients and those considering it. You'll get a wealth of information there on models, doctors, preparation, the procedure, recovery, etc.  Just not enough experience here to offer much help.

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What Nemo is saying is right regarding quantity of the posts on the subject on frank..
What we have on the forum are a few topics implant related and Jack Blog.
A rearch for implant on this board (surgery...) will give you 129 posts
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