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  So here goes. 

I am a 50+ year old man with a complicated and sketchy sexual history, the latest chapter of which is what I consider a severe case of Peyronies.  My psychological history had me heavily into self stimulation from at least the age of five, which indicates early sexual stimulation/abuse. 

I had a rather severe injury to the entire right side of my body in a momentarily fatal car accident which bruised my member severely, and is at least partially responsible even though it was decades ago. 

I used self stimulation as a form of pain management for psychological and physical pain, and as the injuries from the old accident caught up with me I would require more and more to get any relief whatsoever.  I do not respond well to most pharmaceutical pain medicines, finding them for the most part a waste of time.  I wound up being caught up in Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction (PIED) for a while, as my need for pain management increased.  This adventure almost cost my marriage.

I finally found a medical pain medicine combination which actually helps me manage the pain, and I have taken that opportunity to finally stop the use of self pleasure as pain management.   This combination would likely knock most people out for a weekend with what I take thrice daily.  Understanding of what PIED was all about came through the study of the information on...Information deleted by moderator - James. The site promoting book sales. If someone is interested, please send a PM to the post author. , which I recommend to anyone who is a porn user and suffers from inadequate erections.

Anyway, after most of a year of abstaining from any such activity I have found that my erections are now painful and all but useless due to Peyronies.  While in the throes of PIED, I would still get erect enough to know that it wasn't really a problem before, so either my continual manipulation of the tissue was preventing it, or something physiological has changed in the last year or so.

I am in a financial pinch due to most of my "extra" money going to a very ill child of mine whose medical condition makes mine look like a walk in the park.

So, I am looking for any and all help in finding supplements, physical manipulations, ANYTHING which can help while I am trying to find the resources to devote to a medical treatment such as Xiaflex.  Furthermore, I work away from "home", so don't have a regular physician I can see just at the drop of a hat.  I have to see my Dr. once every three months in order to keep going with the pain management as it is. 

I have been using a physical traction device of my own building (all of $7 spent), and it has helped "slightly", but the comfort is not there to enable me to use it for the long periods of time necessary to get any significant improvement from it, if that is even possible. 

I hope to find something here in the way of "this worked/helped for me" kind of information to help my quest for restoration of function.  I have been married to the love of my life for 25 years, but our sex life is pretty much non-existent right now, and I have to face up to the fact that our marriage may fail if I don't get somewhere soon.

Anyway, this is my story.

Something I forgot earlier.  My T level is on the low side as well...has been for years.  My right testicle doesn't do much due to the accident.  I had a vasectomy after the birth of the fourth child I fathered, and had it reversed 10 years later in hopes of having another.  The Dr did a good job, in that I have a viable count, and a more than adequate motility; however he did an epididimal bypass on the right testicle in an effort to help it contribute which has left that testicle easily injured.  This has contributed to sexual difficulties right along with everything else. 

I have sparodically used Androgel as it is too expensive and not very effective, but recently switched to an injectable testosterone...the first monthly shot I expect to take this evening (not looking forward to self-injection, but I can handle it).