Newly Diagnosed - Peyronies Disease caused by injury 4 weeks ago - pLeAsE help !

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Hi everyone,

I feel very lucky to have discovered this forum, and thank you all for your posts which I just spent a few hours reading. I have a couple Q's:

I am 27, and I have Peyronies Disease due to an injury I got during sex 4 weeks ago. It has been a stressful 4 weeks. I am currently taking Pentox (400mg x3), CoQ10 (200mg), and L-Arginine (1,000mg), all as recommended by my urologist. I am also now going to try to eat healthier and exercise more, as I read from some of the posts in forum (but I do already generally eat and exercise well).

My Peyronies Disease: I have some minor pain (daily, on and off), a curve (about 15 degrees) which may or may not be getting slightly worse (I try not to check all too often), and I am also just now noticing a new indentation which I am worried might get worse and form a more prominent hourglass shape.  I am also noticing more ridges popping up in various places besides the one initial one. As of right now, nothing is too crazy all in all, and I will be okay if everything stays as is, but am worried things will keep getting worse.

1. What treatments do you think are best? In particular, I am wondering if certain treatments are better than others in this acute stage (or am I already out of the acute stage)? I am especially wondering about VED, but what I saw in the forum was only people using this long after, and some saying it made their condition worse. What else (besides VED) should I take/do??? What has worked for you?

2. What is the policy on erections? Is it good to have blood flow to the penis, or harmful to have things stretched out as they try to heal??? I have refrained from sex and have masturbated just 3 times since the injury. I have masturbated just gently but am also very open to not masturbating at all as well.

3. My doctor said that I could have sex again in two more weeks (total 6 weeks from the injury date). However, he was assuming the pain would be gone by then and it's looking like it will not be. When is it okay to start having sex again, considering that Peyronies Disease can be very long-term? Will sex make things worse if things are still slightly painful or my penis shape is still changing?

Thank you SO so much in advance for responding to this post  ;D,
dude1, NYC area


1. Unfortunately there really is no consensus here or anywhere on which treatment is the best, but as far as pure studies and science goes I would list them to be about like this, Pentox, Cialis (and OR Arginine/Citrulline), CoQ10, ALCAR, and I would put VED and Traction very close together, but traction helped me more. Here is a study on traction in during the acute phase.

Acute phase Peyronie's disease management with traction device: a n... - PubMed - NCBI

2. This is a controversial topic but the basic idea is that erections are good for the penis, just not to the point where you're aggravating any injury, vasculature, or lymphatic vessels. I cut down to around once a week and that helped me greatly. Since you are 27 having erections shouldn't be an issue for you. The reason why you hear "use it or lose it", is because many people much older than you struggle to use it at all. In your position you should focus strictly on minimizing damage, and if you masturbate or have sex, be very careful. I once read somewhere that inflammation can stay trapped in the penis for months. Where that information came from and what it means, I don't know. Avoid masturbation binges at all costs, be realistic about how often you masturbate. Keep a log and be willing to truly cut down. Keep in mind that penile injuries take a long time to heal, and there is no standard here. It may take much much longer, and even then never truly "heal" right.

3. If it hurts, don't use it, would be my basic logic here. I think most people would agree with me on this, but again, it's hard to say.

The ridges are likely to be veins which originated from your injury. Penile injury is rough on the blood vessels and arteries of the penis, and some people even think that this is where Peyronie's originates from. Regardless of the truth of the matter, you should not be too worried and do your best to focus on healing. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but there are very little knowns about penile injury and Peyronie's. No one case is the same, and to what degree healing is even possible, I don't know anyone who knows.

The good news is that you are likely to feel better and have improvement over time, how much time, we don't know!



Thank you thank you thank you, for your informative response. Did you mean you cut down to masturbating once per week, or having an erection once per week? How often would you get erections during your healing time? Can you also tell me more about which specific traction device you used?

If anyone else could address my questions, PLEASE do so.

THANKS again.


I mean I tried my best (and still do) to masturbate only once a week and I try very hard not to obsessively check my erections. That literally killed my natural ability to have quality erections. I have erections at night and a bit in the mornings, I think that's just fine.

Personally I think the damage from masturbation comes from the friction and even in a weird way, from ejaculation because of the muscles involved. This is a sensitive topic and we don't know the answer, but for many of us ejaculation itself causes the problems. It comes down to experimenting a bit and learning what works for you.

I can't recommend a traction device, because I've never used one! I used my hands all this time, and still do occasionally. Check around the forums to see which one looks good.