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So, I've seen a few local Uro's here in Maine and neither had heard of the PRP shot. In fact, one actually contacted a previous colleague from a state university and apparently she hadn't either. I explained to both I wasn't making it up and mentioned that some of my colleagues
( ya'll) had some previous success. Why is it that I have zero faith that urologists, don't do their due dilligence to keep up with possible treatments/trends etc regarding peyronies? It's extremely frustrating to inform your doctors and not the other way around.
That being said, has anyone heard of anyone specializing in the prp shot in the northeast?
I seem to have gotten a bit worse over the last few months. What concerns me is the fact that the entire dorsal length, from base to start of the gland now has hardened, not just one or two spots as before....needless to say, I'm not psyched. I'm getting a ultrasound Friday, which I asked for, it wasn't even recommended by my uro! Has anyone else experienced entire dorsal shaft hardening?

Thanks guys...sorry to ramble but it's been a while since I felt I could do so with others that have a clue...haven't felt that way with the "professionals"!


The official Priapus Shot website has a directory and there you should be able to find a close clinic. Whether it is worth it or not I cannot say, but I'd you can afford it I don't see any harm done, it seems to have helped me a little and the science is behind it is acceptable.

I know how you feel.. That's why for Peyronies Disease it's very important to see a world class expert as soon as possible.



I am not surprised that urologists don't support PRP. They need to invest in the machine while surgeries are just adding to they pocket.
Regarding PRP/Priapus, you may find a doctor close to you at:
Directory | Priapus Shot (R)

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