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Age: 27

Diagnosed medical issues: Fatty Liver, Postural Orthostatic Hypotension, Hemorrhoids, some mental issues (depression/ GAD / agoraphobia, the usual), "Suspected" Peyroine's Disease (formally diagnosed by uro, but he couldn't feel the plaque at the time).

Familial risk factors: Grandpa on my moms side has confirmed Duputyren's contracture of hand. North European heritage (Irish, Scottish, and English) on both sides of family.

Suspected cause: Compulsive/excessive masturbation. From 2009-2013~ it would average AT LEAST 12 hours a week (at a low point I was doing 7 hour sessions, 3 days a week for months sometimes with inadequate lubrication).

Complete history: I was dealing with severe and persistent mental issues and used masturbation and an escape for years. I was overweight at 250lb's, unemployed, and "living" generally miserable sedentary life being a complete hermit for 13 years.

In late 2011 I noticed a single spider vein on the left side of my shaft running from the pubic area to mid shaft, over the span of 2-3 months it become permanently engorged and raised while flaccid, I didn't think much about it other than perhaps I was just getting older. I started getting pain/discomfort in my perineum (only when sitting for more than 45 minutes) that was gradually getting worse over the months and finally went to my doctor. He ordered a testicular ultrasound, found nothing, and said he didn't know.

I made a new years resolution to lose the damn weight and start bettering myself and (to my surprise) actually made some progress. I completely changed my diet from hot pockets and garbage to fresh fruits, nuts, berries, salmon, vegetables, whole grains, and other real food literally overnight. I bought a food scale, a body weight scale, and starting counting calories.  

I opened the door and started exercising by speed walking/jogging 5km/day (wearing loose boxer shorts), I did this for 5~ months until I lost 82lb's. I was losing weight rapidly, getting dizzy, and otherwise pushing myself too hard. I over estimated my caloric intake and ate at a near starvation deficit for months until I smartened up and slowed down.

I was feeling great until I started noticing  a bit of hour glassing (both left and right)  and hard flaccid especially during and after exercise sometime in 2012, the vein was still progressing on my left side and had started to bulge even more near midshaft until it formed a branch in which looks like a valve or something. The perineum pain was slowly getting worse and I started developing the occasional muscle spasm when laying in bed that would cause my penis to contract inwards towards my body. I started associating the muscle spam and sitting pain with masturbation and tried abstaining, but nothing changed and assumed it was just weight related.

I was at the happiest point in my life, no longer fat, got my high school degree, managed to land a job I enjoyed (night security), and was somewhat functional, yet high strung person (that couldn't sit very long due to perineum discomfort). The main way I dealt with my stress was compulsive masturbation and it worked great until  Peyroine's became a problem.

Sometime around late March-April 2013 I started getting pain in the left side mid-shaft where the vein was (which was now branching, large, prone to swelling, and generally swollen sometimes to pencil width). It eventually started effecting the left side coronal suculus and the vein had noticeably ran through it and connected to the glans. My dorsal vein had become enlarged at this point as well and another darker purple spider vein had formed on the right side of my shaft (completely flush with skin, no other pain or symptoms). There was no bending present during this time, but I did notice I could feel a harder vein branching off diagonally from my dorsal vein I could feel a strong pulse in, but wasn't big enough to see.

March 02, 2013 I woke up with full blown morning wood bend that scared the hell out of me. It was bent downwards at probably a 50 degree~ angle. It finally went flaccid and I made a doctors appointment. The bending seemed to start literally overnight and either showed up in 1 of 3 ways, straight down, banana shaped to the left, or a combination of the two. It lasted this way for a while and it finally started filling in and straightening out after time (not sure if it was primarily due to anxiety ED).

I seen my GP, he performed an exam and said the only thing that could cause it would be scar tissue, but he couldn't feel any. I was referred to a uro and had a morning testosterone test (checked out fine at 18.1/nMol L) and waited for my appointment in November 2013.  Perineum "muscle"(?) continued to worsen to the point that it is constant when sitting and relieved when standing. The entire penis retracts inwards if I roll forward on my perineum when sitting, sit in a car with even minorly bouncy suspension, lay on my side in bed with my penis draping of my thigh, touch the glans, etc.  

During the few months of waiting I had noticed my flaccid had become increasingly... ugly, looser haggard looking skin, larger veins (including the previous mentioned right side spider vein), more hour glassing, increasing spider veins, etc. I had a bit of ED, but everything still fills in after time (and does to this day) except for the occasional very minor bend of a few degrees and 2-3cm long dent in the left chamber especially during partial morning wood.  Erections at this point are uncomfortable unless fully inflated and even then there is a heavy pulling/discomfort if any pressure is placed downwards towards pubic area (felt mostly in the perineum as a muscle clenching jolt). I also occasionally get spasming/bouncing erections where the muscle will rapidly contract sometimes with premature ejaculation.

Around October/early November I started getting the exact same pain I used to have on the left side, except this time in the right side of the shaft. Nearly the exact same thing; It started mid-shaft, noticeable swelling in vein, and eventually started pinching in the right coronal succulus while becoming increasingly ugly and branching (one of the branches loops back around on itself after going under the glans). I am not sure if it is plaques doing something to these veins or what but now I have 2 really veiny (and ugly) vein that had similar pain associated with them, not including my bigger dorsal vein which has never been painful.  

I finally got to see the urologist late November 2013, he took an oral history (which I hid nothing, in hindsight what the hell was I thinking?), showed him the pictures on my digital camera, and he performed his exam. He noticed that it was hard flaccid without me even saying anything and it took a few seconds to soften a bit laying down. It wasn't very comfortable and apparently his secretary bought the wrong gloves or something, but he DID NOT feel any plaque. He was still convinced it was Peyroine's and diagnosed me as such, gave me the run down, said there was nothing to be done (other than wait and see, traction, and Cialis). He wrote me a prescription for 3 months of 5mg/day Cialis and told me to follow up in 3 months and that he wanted another testosterone test.

Went home, tried the Cialis, noticed a difference, but stopped after 2 weeks due to side effects (constant migraine and backache). It also made my veins more prominent to the point the left, right, and dorsal looked something akin to  the Incredible Hulk's arm which does occasionally happen even off them now.  Follow up appointment rolls around in January. It takes literally 2 seconds, and he tells me my second testosterone test was fine (19.9 nMol/L)

Since December 2013-January 2014 I have had some other symptoms crop up that are worrying so I am thinking of going back and getting my blood sugar and cholesterol checked. Deformity is still worst at the flaccid/semi-erect and still slowly progressing as well as the veins and general ugliness of skin. I did get what looks like an inflamed lymph channel that runs horizontally over the dorsal side coronal suculus and wraps around about 270°.

Perineum pain has gotten better when sitting, but I still get pulling when starting erection along with postural spasming in car, sitting, sleeping, arousal etc.  That vein I noted in april before bending started has become visible now either through skin thinning or becoming bigger and the side veins I had problems with before are still branching. The interesting thing to note is that they are directly branching through dark purple/red spider veins, they turn blue, get bigger/fuzzy, then engorge.

To this day I cannot still feel a defined plaque other than a thin seam on the left side and a rubbery ridge under the ventral side occasionally which could just be veins. The left chamber dent during morning woods is also defined, but smooth and doesn't have a noticeable border.

1)  I started getting moderate flaking of the skin on the head of the penis that comes and goes as well as irritation in contact with any fabrics, underwear, pants, or bedding. I do notice some red/orange/light brown discoloration so I don't know if it is just dermatitis or what.

2) I have a new problem which is that I wake up with painful morning wood 1-3 times a month, my perineum muscle seems to be stuck in a loop and is rapidly contracting multiple times a second, and the entire perineum aches and feels like it is on fire. It is fully engorged and thus mostly straight until they start to return to flaccid. It goes away once I stand up and walk around for a minute but the ache can last an hour or more and isn't very fun. I have noticed this mostly laying on my side.

3) The flip side is I also commonly get completely painless morning wood that wake me up and seem to not go down unless I get up and walk around for a minute. These are more common than the painful episodes by far and they are also straight until they start to deflate a bit.

Only other thing to note is masturbation has obviously been lowered, I still browse an hour or so, but the actual act is done as quickly and gently as possible. Abstaining doesn't seem to help much and both times I did it for more than 2 months had
more painful erections after for a few days. It is still pleasurable, but it feels like it can be tender and feel fragile at times. Erectile function is fine it just takes me half a minute for things to fill out. Hopefully I don't get calcification and they remain pliable.