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Hi everyone. My Peyronie's has been on the way out since last September, and I am still seeing improvements now on a monthly and even weekly basis. I do not have before pictures, only after. So please take this for what it is. I consider myself practically cured now, and symptoms are only transient and hardly noticeable if not gone all together! I have cried to myself at the sight of the penis I have today in the mirror. I can only thank all of you here for all the support. Below I outline my treatment and improvements which I feel very strongly about! Pics can be posted of my penis now if anyone is interested. Everyone's case is unique, and while I consider myself extremely lucky, from my perspective, the changes in my penis over the last two years, and particularly over this last year have been unreal.

A Warning
I am not a doctor and the below treatment worked for me personally and includes my own personal opinion. It should be noted that I have never had an ultrasound clearing showing what it is that causes my deformity. I haven't had one because in Tokyo you can't get one. The nature of my problem is subject to my own speculation.  A number of reasons have led me to believe my that the nature of my problem is due to vascular or endothelial disease that causes bending, which may have a crossover with pure "Peyronie's". Another part of me suspects the issue is from having an overly tight suspensory and triangular ligament, causing constriction and fibrosis in the connecting fascia. For those looking for advice on VED, please look elsewhere and do your own research as this post is not meant to be comprehensive!


Basic History:
My father has Peyronie's and Dupuytren's. I always had a very high erection angle and tight foreskin, uncircumcised, could never have sex in rear entry position due to the angle. For as long as I can remember had post ejaculatory bending. Noticed two dents at age 18. At 23 noticed slight bending from the dents. At 24/25 after being bent by a partner, the next day many changes began in my penis and real bending began. For at least one year only worsening. One year ago things got much better with treatment, and each month since then has been better and better.
At age 25 (my worst)
Severe buckling, hinging, and post ejaculatory bending. Constant pelvic and penile feeling of "fullness" and discomfort. "Hard flaccid", and hour-glassing half way up my penis causing indentation in the urethra in two spots. From these dents my penis bent upwards toward me, while erect the bend looked very pronounced. It looked as if someone had put two rubber-bands around my erect penis. Inflation from flaccid to full erection was difficult and looked hideous. Achieving maximum erection was difficult as my penis felt segmented. Kegels and sitting caused my penis to bend and hinge badly, and my penis strongly resisted any downward bend. I had to hold my flaccid penis upward in order to urinate for an entire year due to the hourglassing on the underside.
As of today
Almost no more hinging whatsoever. No more post ejaculatory bending. My penis hangs downward and feels and looks healthy. Dents while erect are almost entirely gone, and at times are no longer visible at all. My erection has smoothed out, no more sharp curve. Above and below the dent is now connected in almost a straight line. Erections are powerful, and my penis is now longer than before by a half inch. Kegels and sitting do not cause my penis to bend. I can now bend my erect penis downward to achieve rear entry sex. I simply cannot begin to describe how different things are for me now. The shape of my penis has changed entirely since I began my treatment, primarily stretching.

My treatments, more or less in order of usefulness

#1 Manual stretching

- This alone has changed the shape of my penis, absolutely without a doubt to me, where I had a bad hourglassing it is almost entirely gone and my curve is smooth. Flaccid is now straight.
- I target the "connective tissue". Up to an hour or more a day depending on my free time. I sit at the edge of a chair, and stretch downward toward the floor and to the left and right often times while watching a movie.
- As of 5/14 begun stretching the penis via foreskin stretching, a new standard for me, giving me fantastic results and a good stretch where I suspect the scars are located.

- A simple test to see how manual stretching effects your deformity is the "fowfer" stretch. This involves stretching your flaccid penis under your butt by reaching behind you. You can use a pillow placed between your legs while lying on your side to hold the stretch. It will stretch your penile suspensory ligament and other involved tissue. Afterwards check your flaccid penis and see how the hinging has changed (or not).
- I also benefit from pushing my erections down from the very base in order to lower my erection angle and stretch my ligaments. (never bend the erect penis itself).
- Use EXTREME caution in doing any kind of stretches! I always do mine light, and hardly stretch the penis itself. Stretching can cause MORE PEYRONIE'S!

#2 No more pelvic clenching
(to achieve orgasm or maintain a hard erection)

- Since the first time I discovered orgasm as a kid I relied on clenching my PC muscles to achieve it. I can remember countless times when I struggled to orgasm during sex and resorted to extreme clenching in order to do it. This would leave me in horrible pelvic pain for hours afterwards and at times would cause my penis to bend nearly 360% flaccid. After stopping, my large veins in my penis have slowly went away, and my erections are naturally very hard now, instead of requiring me to kegel constantly to stay at 100% erection. I have no more pelvic pain on a day to day basis and my penis feels elastic and healthy. Not all men may be able to relate to this, but for me it was detrimental to my recovery. My theories generally revolve around this being due to self caused penile thrombosis and aneurysm from clenching, resulting in large and unhealthy veins causing bending aka "mystery cords" forming atherosclerotic plaques. Without a definitive diagnoses of why my penis bends, this will always be speculation.
- Try to notice if you are holding any tension in your PC muscles. I notice that mine are almost always clenched, so during the day I make a conscious effort to relax my entire pelvic area.
- Sit straight on the edge of your chair. Sit forward with a perfectly arched back so that you are sitting on the back of your legs This will allow you to relax all the muscles down there.

#3 Reduction and modification of sexual activity

- Limit sexual activity, limit erection checking, and limit or outlaw porn usage in order to have an optimal arousal level. This ensures that when you do have an erection (say once a week), it will then be as hard as possible to allow your penis to remodel itself. I strongly believe that the penis needs to heal, and it can't do so when you're having regular erections. Once the inflammation is gone and you're "healed" so to speak, then sure, maybe even daily erections will be possible. I still tend to relate Peyronie's to an overuse injury such as elbow tendonitis. The goal is to use your penis as often as possible, but that can't happen now.
- Always masturbate with a full erection and do so with a light grip. Stimulate below the scar, not just above it. Make sure your penis is staying completely hard and not going partially limp during masturbation!
- Taking Arginine or other NO producing supplements (Pine Bark Extract in my case), or Cialis/Viagra before your erections is recommended, since those work better when used irregularly. Personally I take Pine Bark every day for it's endothelial and antioxidant benefits.

#4 VED Therapy

- I used my VED for only one month daily from 15 to 30 minutes, sometimes twice a day. I would have continued but I had a lymphatic vessel injury. My best results were after the first use. A study showed that even just one use increased oxygen saturation in the penis by around 80%. VED helped fill out my dents, lessen hour glassing, and made my erections harder and more solid, instead of feeling disjointed into two segments due to the scar. I consider the VED a near miracle device, my only words of advice are to pump low. A full erection in the tube is not necessary.
- Despite the best advice being to use lube and to wash after each usage, a more casual approach can be taken where no lube is used at all, and you wash the tube only after several uses. Stand up and put your penis in the tube hanging downward and shake your penis inside it while lightly pumping to allow it to move further inside the tube without lube. This let me use it on the fly before going to class or work, and I loved how my penis felt afterwards. I pumped from partially engorged almost always. I don't recommend pumping from full erection as it may be very dangerous.

#5 Supplements

- CoQ10 - 300 - 400 mg a day to replicate the famous Peyronie's study.
- Pine Bark Extract - 100 - 240mg aka "Pycogenol" for endothelial health, antioxidants, and nitric oxide. I LOVE this stuff.
- Vitamin D3, (and D2 which has been shown to improve endothelial function).
- I would also recommend Acetyl-L-Carnitine, but I currently don't use it.

- I would take pentox as well but it's not available in Japan. I also didn't like the way it made me feel.

#6 Heat (hot showers or heat pad on the penis).

- Make a microwaveable heating pad with rice and a sock. Fill a sock with white rice and tie it tight at the end. Microwave it for 20 seconds or whatever you need. Be careful not to overheat it and burn it, and be careful not to sleep with it on your penis when it's too hot. Heat before stretching and VED can be synergistic, I do all three around the same time alternating.

Final notes

- Upon reflection, most of my recovery can be linked to the efforts I made to lower my penile hinge point and erection angle.
- From the beginning of last year (2013), I began serious stretching and modified it as time went on. It took a long time and the results were very very slow but always consistent, and still are.
- Commitment was always key for me. Carry your Peyronie's with you everywhere you go. Treat it like any other injury and help it heal.
- Don't be afraid to show your partners your Peyronie's. Get it out in the open and own it, you will be surprised some of the things women (or men) might tell you!
- I practiced fantasizing regularly about performing other sex acts on women besides penetration. This really helped keep me positive and when it came time for it I enjoyed it maybe more than penetration anyway!

That's the end of my post for now, thanks to all of you I was able to stick it out through some really dark days. I've made friends here that I will be close to for the rest of my life, I just cannot be any more thankful.