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Good evening everyone,
I have probably spent 10+ hours of reading on this forum over the past few months.   I am 34 years old, I am engaged to a playmate and an ex pornstar so this whole issue has effected me in a serious way as you can Imagine sex is a very important part of our relationship as I am not a very affectionate person and
during intercourse is the only real physical bonding between me and the old ladyl ed.  About 3 months ago I noticed a small lump inside my penis shaft and thought maybe it was some type of fluid build up and would go away.  I stopped with the sex and masturbation as I run cycles of testosterone and while off sometimes do not have much of a sex drive.  After some time I noticed en indent while erect with some hour glassing and caused the head to bend to the side a little as well.  Due to a lot of advice I made an appointment at the VA that I missed cause of embarrassment and  have been taking vitamin  A acetylene cartine and fish oil and watching my diet as well.  I also used a heat compress every night for a few weeks as well.  Now 3 months in the scar tissue has doubled in size but the only good part to that is now I have an upward curve instead of a huge indent and bend to the left which was really awkward.   The only downside is not with the upward bend and bigger plaque it caused me to lose probably and inch in length when fully erect.  I ordered some cialis online and a couple days a week I will take just a 1/4 of one pill to get some more blood flow going down there.  I guess I'll make another appointment with the VA although I'm sure they will do nothing for me but I am scared that cancer is still a probability.  Sorry for the horrible spelling and punctuation in this was done from my phone while in bed reading about peyronie's and what the he'll I'm gonna do if my sex life gets hurt any worse by this.  It already makes the sensation of sex and masturbation so much worse because of the loss of length and the weird feeling at the plague where it is not hard in spots and uneven...what a mess this is...and it and del happened out of no incidents that I can recall ever that cause any injury to my penis.  And never met my father so who knows if he had it.  Anyway. ..just wanted to share my experience with everyone while reading about others...hang in there guys!