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Oct 2013 - Mid october is where i suffered my penile injury, my GF and I both moved the wrong ways at the wrong time and I had an injury on the right side of my penis.  I saw one urologist who told me I didn't fracture it and everything is ok.  Next urologist said to me that take 2 week sex break warm water and gave me a random anti-inflammatory to take for 2 weeks.

Sometime after my injury I realized that on the right side of my penis towards my body more, there was a small indentation or "hourglassing effect". I did not have pain or curve during my erection and this did not affect my size or sex.

November, December, January, February passed by and during these months I would only feel random weird feelings during the flaccid state, nothing during erection.  After sex and erection my penis would look a little weird above the bump on the right side, like a small indent and under the bump was where the indent was during erection.  I researched for a Peyronies specialist using the information and a recommendation from this website because I wanted to know if I was at risk for Peyronies or if I even had it in the first place.  During this time the sex with my GF was fine, everything worked, no curve or pain.

March 2014 - 5 Month after my initial injury, I went on March 1st to Dr. Zargaroff in Mineola, NY to show him my pictures, and tell him my story and ask questions to see what he thought. He heard my story, saw the pics, and examined my penis.  He immediately diagnosed me with Peyronies disease, but said I am lucky I caught it so early and said we must attack this hard during the first month to halt progression and even help my condition now.  I was prescribed Pentox 400mg x2 a day (800mg total), CoQ10 200mg a day, and Vitamin E.
March 27, 2014 - I did measurements on my penis because I want to track everything down.  My length is just over 5", under 5.25. (right around 13cm).  My girth is at least 6.5".  

April 5 2014 - I had my first penile doppler ultrasound.  My urologist asked me what my Pentox side effects were which are gas, burping and minor headaches sometimes. All tolerable. I was injected with an erection-inducing agent.  He told me I have a 2mm (2.8ish actually i believe) dorsal penile plaque.  I already had a contigental curvature going upwards, so I am not sure if my plaque caused a more defined curvature or not (i dont think so).  This came as a surprise to me because I thought my plaque was on the right side where there is a bump, and slight hourglass on the right side.  My urologist also said that it is a very minor hourglass, very minor plaque. I am to go back for another ultrasound in 3 months.

July 2014 - Went to see urologist and he said my plaque decreased by a little bit which was pretty encouraging. No pain or added curvature on erection.  I think the plaque went down to 2.7mm or so. I need to ask my doctor next time

Sept 16 2014 - Still no pain or curvature on erection.  After oral sex in August my penis weirdly got swollen on the left side and since it sometimes looks a little bigger "puffier" just slightly on the left side but nothing affecting my erections.  Not sure if it is another plaque but don't think so.  Will get this checked in my october 3 month follow up, which will be one year since my original injury.  

June 2015 - No changes at all, if anything better erections, occasionally taking cialis just for some bloodflow every now and then, off of pentoxyfilline.