First Urology Appointment - things to ask?

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My OH has his first appointment with a urologist.  Is there things we need to ask about possible treatments/surgery.  I don't want to waste this chance and get the brush off.

Is there a specialist in the UK if we need a second opinion

Many thanks


I saw both your posts and since they were duplicated I removed one of them. And I moved this one here which is more appropriate and will get more attention.

There is much information here and I would encourage to learn as much as you can. My problem when I first got Peyronies is that I was at a disadvantage from not having enough information. You will find doctors don't know much about this either. They are quick to diagnose this disease, but they don't specialize in how to treat it.

Read some of the introductory FAQs here and this will help get you started. Also, if your husband is OK with this, you might consider posting some of his symptoms here. We are not doctors but can help guide you based on our vast collective experience gathered here. If you uncomfortable posting anything public here please feel free to send me a private message PM, or for that matter any other senior member here on the board is willing to help.

We have several active UK members who can help off advice regarding UK doctors.

Our member 'CHRISTINE' moderates the ladies forum and is willing to offer you moral support as well.

Start here:
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There are a few well known specialists in the UK but most will be around the big cities so if you live in the country you may well have to travel. We don't know any details about your partner's situation such as time since onset, treatments and curvature etc, so it's hard to advise.
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