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I am new to the forum.  I have been visiting and reading for nearly six months, but finally logged in.  I was diagnosed with peyronies in late 2009 following a TURP, which we suspect caused it.  I had a 60 degree bend forward about three inches from tip.  I participated in a year long study receiving injections every two months for over six months.  Waited about three months, tired of needles and then I did verapamill injections for another 4-5 months couples with a VED.  Dissatisfied with the results, there were none, I had a penile plication with degloving the last part of November last year.  Hooray, I am straight arrow, HOWEVER, I lost about half my length.  Additionally, I feel like I still have some swelling.  I am not flacid as before the surgery.  When I visited my regular urologist last week for psa test, he wondered if it might be scar tissue, as opposed to swelling.  Either on could be reducing my length.  My surgeon initially said swelling would be down in six to eight weeks and then, when it wasn't he said it could take as long as six months.  I haven't read anything in prior posts regarding my results, but any ideas would be appreciated. 


I can confirm that it does take a good 4-6 months for healing to take place and sounds like you are just a the 4 month mark. But I don't think that any post op swelling is causing your loss of length. Plication surgery is a challenge to straighten a 60 degree curve. I'm sure you are well aware by now that plication is used to shorten the longer side to achieve a straight erection. I know that some doctors use a different technique that is more invasive to straighten curves more than 40 degrees. Mine was 70 degrees plus when I had my surgery.

I don't know if your doctor has discussed the use of a VED or traction for post up use. I would strongly encourage you to consider traction at this point to try to recover some lost length due to surgery.

Feel free to send me a PM if you have questions you don't want to post here.

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