Battling Bad Science

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Here is an excellent presentation that shows how drug companies often insure scientific studies and trials support their business goals (regardless of how safe or effective the drug is).   A must see if you do research on pubmed to evaluate your treatment options:

Ben Goldacre: Battling Bad Science - YouTube
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That was quite interesting though non native speakers may struggle because he speaks rather quickly. The point it brought home to me is that studies on Peyronies invariably seem to involve just a handful of men and as this video pointed out, who knows how many studies or other data never see the light of day when they give the "wrong answer".  
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Thanks for that clip.  I do not exagerate when I say I would make veiwing that mandatory for members to retain their membership if there was an easy way to do so.  

This is one of my biggest single quests on this forum; to stop the mentality of "A" precedes "B" there for it caused "B".  I wish all here would thoroughly read Peyronie Disease Society Evaluating Clinica Trials

I also wish that all reading it, and that watch this clip, will reiterate the importance of sound studies every time we see another one of us slipping into the sink hole of "Bad Science".  How else do all of these promising treatments (especially from Italy) establish results no one else can duplicate?  Then we have all these snake oil websites that run off of anecdotal evidence that people buy into even when it is combined with a profit motive.

Understanding real evidence and evaluating it to make rational decisions is the biggest contribution this community can make to men with Peyronies Disease.

PS: I hope that link stays good for a long time.
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Most products have a marketing agenda just like the olive oil. One of my pet peeves is cancer treatments. Example would be a product X (For $40,140 a month) that extends the life of a terminal patient 20 percent. Read the study and you find that 20% only gives 2 more months. Then the next company claims their treatment is better and adds and extends the life expectancy 40% over brand X. Do the math and your find 40% of 60 days is 24 more days.  Read the trial results and you find the numbers are the "average".  Some croaked in 2 days and some lived 80.  Having had HIV for what seems like forever now and a decade of 4 different cancers, I spend a lot of time calculating the effect whatever treatment proposed will have on my quality of life. I also do a cost verses benefit analysis. Is it worth what you go through? Will the end result be what you expect? Are there more viable options? What option will have the best long term effect? Will the treatment result in additional health issues like side effects? Will the treatment improve my quality of life? Will the treatment cause require me to change my lifestyle or job?  Over the long term, will the cheap option total up to more than the expensive option? Will the results I expect be consistent or decline over time?  This is a penis issue web site, but these thoughts should be considered no matter what your health concern.  
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