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Author Topic: My Peyronies History  (Read 3687 times)

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My Peyronies History
« on: October 26, 2012, 09:51:27 PM »

Age 70

Age at onset of Peyronies Disease  -  70

Very First Symptoms -Painful Erections in May, 2012

My Peyronies Disease progression, Treatments (in order), Doctors, Psychological Stages, observable changes -

After about two months of painful erections, a downwards bend of about 60 degrees came about very quickly, within a couple of days.  I went and saw my GP after checking this site for the condition.  He agreed it was Peyronies but didn't think my suggestion from this site of Trental tablets would help, even though I had told him this was almost a unanimous recommendation from this forum. He suggested a increase in my current antidepressant medication and asked me to come back the following week.
On the return visit, he agreed that the recommendation for Trental was worth while and gave me a prescription for that and also a referral to a Urologist. I was very depressed at the damage the bend was doing to my life but did find the increase in anti depressants at least overcame the black shadows that were constantly around. It is terrible how desperate such a simple setback can make to ones life and the consequences without help could be enormous.

The night I got home from the GP and made my appointment with the Uro, I had a long hot bath....and discovered a second lump forming near the tip.  The first lump was very close to the base, both on the bottom side, between the urethra and the cavernosum. Does this mean another bend? as bad as the first? (about 65 degrees) My depression soared again!

Finally saw a Uro in late October, about 6 months after the first pains . The second lump has now developed into a bend, but because it is near the tip, it is not as pronounced, though it continues the downward trend and makes intercourse nearly impossible. There are two distinct hour glass type divisions, giving the feeling of three separate sections, each bending their own way. Because the lesion is between the urethra and the cavernosum, there is a restriction on the urethra when erect and bent, making ejaculations restricted or non existent. More misery.
The Uro consultation was a fiasco. After failing to get his urine testing gear working, that was omitted and replaced with an ultrasound to see if the bladder was empty, though he did not comment if it was empty or not.  Then he checked my badder and pubic areas with his hands, then the testicles, then the prostate.  Then he told me to put my pants back on.  Assuming that he must be taking me elsewhere to inspect the Peyronies lesions, I got dressed, only to be then told to get back on the bed as he had forgotten to inspect what I came for.

He did this inspection and confirmed that the lesions were "quite large" but there was other lesiontype problems around the urethra at the tip which would require further investigation. After I got dressed we had a discussion about Peyronies and the probability that there would probably never be an improvement in the bends, though there was a promise that the pain would decrease with time. He suggested there were plenty of cures around, about thirty five, and the mere volume of those suggested that they did not work, but I was welcome to try them if I wished to wast my money. He mentioned L-carnitone as one such remedy.

He gave me prescriptions for cialis with some samples and a prescription for Flamaxtra for enlarged prostate. There was also a request for urine tests and he also wanted a camera vision inside the urethra a s soon as it could be arranged.  I left bewildered and disappointed, with no good end results in sight.

Where I am today, future plans -

I am still awaiting the camera inspection but am not expecting that to make any difference,In fact I feel the whole episode of the Urologist was a total wast of time and money, my GP did and is doing, a better job. At least he has given me Trental, which was not mentioned by the Uro, even though he would have known from my info that I was taking Trental.. I feel as though I am left to my own devices, so am concentrating on Hot bath /massage (hot as I can take).  I take Serracor NK and Serra Rx, Q10,and multivitamins.Still have Erectile Dysfunction ( apparent only since onset of Peyronies) and Cialis helps in that area, but that then increases pain, so I don't know that that is such a benefit! I do feel at this stage that the second bend is responding well to hot bath/massage, as it is not as bad as a fortnight ago. But this could be part of normal progression, who knows. After all, what is normal with Peyronies?
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