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I always see everyone recommend going to a high volume surgeon.  I see 100+, but what is the lowest volume in which you would consider an implant surgeon?  Is a 50+/year surgeon high enough?  I'm sure there are many quality surgeons around that do not push super high volume.  Any recommendations in Central Florida or anywhere in Florida?  There must be some really good surgeons in my area without needing to travel across the country for one.  I still need to research the local Dr my urologist recommended for an implant.
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50 plus is a respectable number. I get your point, and this has been brought up several times throughout the years. Experience is very important with implants as it's essential to get the best result possible in your first try. You can get more information by googling the doctors name and practice, checking websites like healthgrades.com and the board to see if the doctors name pop's up.

By the way, on the implant section there are discussions about this that you may find interesting.  


Go to the mfgs site, coloplast, AMS, Rigicon and they list the doctors that have used their devices,  from there you can research.  I am doing the same thing, I believe 50 a year is ok, that's 1 a week, good luck on your search.
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