My experience with Dr. Brian Christine

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I selected Dr. Christine in Birmingham Alabama after my first surgery by Mayo Clinic did not last.  Only lasted 8 months.  We flew once to see him it was more of a meet and great.  Then a second time for the ultrasound and what he could do for me.   He said this would be a complicated surgery because I already had one surgery.  He and I could feel the knots from the Mayo surgery.  I told him I would like him to take out all the stitching from the Mayo surgery and start all over.  He did tell me he could not guarantee how much shorter I would be, but probably not much since he was starting from scratch.  But no guarantees.  Remember that if you go to him.  Two years ago, about this month, I flew back to Burmingham and had the surgery.   I the only residual pain was just under the gland and shaft.  He kept tapping me on the shoulder, telling me, "don't worry, I am with you all the way, you will be fine.  After his surgery and the anesthetic wore off, I had a pain under the gland on the left side.  He told me not to worry and that should go away when we take out the stitches in 6 weeks.  To this day, I still have pain just under the gland and on the shaft.  He told me this pain will not ever go away and I could not believe that. How can I have intercourse with this pain.  He had no answer.  His stitches all poked up like a ribbed condom.  I ended up having a urogynecologist give me 4 sessions of Kenalog shots in the stitches to make them go down. I did that in my own state.   Since I am only now 4 inches erect and have the pain, which I figure something is touching a nerve, I called his office.  I wanted surgery to have all what he did undone and just have my original minor curve.  I got a phone call from him very stern and not as buddy buddy as he leads on and said he is not going to do any further surgery on me.   I have tried 5 times in the last 2 years to have intercourse with no luck.  Too short and painful.  So this was my experience with Dr. Brian Christine.  
Started 3 yrs ago. Had placation in July 2019. Second in 2022
I did notice shortening 
Second one distroyed sex life and left me with a lifetime of 24x7 penile pain.