Crushed...and feeling like I gave myself peyronies/corp. fibrosis from Trimix

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Hi everyone, I'm sorry for any tone of despair— I'm just trying not to lose it after the year from hell.

1.5 years ago (a month after my wife and I started trying for a baby) I got severe covid which became long covid— immune system dysregulation and systemic hyper-inflammation. I also got complete erectile dysfunction to the point where pills wouldn't work and 5 units of trimix didn't even work when the doctor injected me. He told me to try 10 units at home if 5 didn't work— so in January I injected myself (forgot to apply a cold compress afterwards)...and somehow I achieved a rock-hard, priaprismic erection that lasted for 4.5 hours before it finally went down (I was on the way to the ER when it finally went soft).

In the months since that nightmare, I regained the ability to get an erection with just oral Cialis, but the side that I injected (right side) has had an aching pain— sometimes during erections, sometimes after— and my penis curves to the right, but only in the early stages of erection before fully hard. When I have a full erection, it just feels...strained on the right side, but equally straight.

Sex with my wife was painful, and literally each time after I started to go soft, the erection seemed more crooked and I felt more of that aching pain.

I've vetoed sex, and I can't palpate any plaques, but in the last four months, the tissue on the right side just feels less elastic, more tough, and the pain after sex is in the same place as the injection was.

I'm going to the doctor to try to get an ultrasound and I bought the Restore-X and Penimaster Pro traction devices because I don't want my curve or my pain to get any worse, but I'm not sure if those devices would just traumatize the injury further.

Can anyone help me with actionable advice? I already have anxiety and PTSD and I feel like I'm drowning in despair. There are so many stressors adding up in life and with this on top of it, I feel like I just can't cope.
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I am sorry to hear about your situation but here you will find some hope and guidance. You will probably never get a clear picture as to how you got the curvature or if it is actually peyronies. Men have had peyronies show up after having Covid for no apparent reason. Trimix is also a culprit for causing peyronies in some men. Finally a priapism has also been a factor in starting up peyronies but at this point it is not going to help you one bit to get an answer. You don't need more anxiety or worrying just know that you are not alone in this situation. All of us men here know exactly what you are experiencing and have found our way through it with a plan of action.

First know that there are very few peyornies Dr's who have the knowledge and experience. If you are close to Chicago or Utah there are two qualified Dr's I would recommend.

For you getting an erect ultrasound and a clear diagnosis should give you a better picture of what is going no in your penis. Pain is a clear indication of something going on and needs to be addressed.

Starting traction early in the acute stage is what a lot of us men have done to prevent shortening and loss of size. you will know just how long to use either one. The PMP is a more gentle traction and has to be worn for longer periods of time. The Restorex is more aggressive with shorter periods of time but with the added benefit of counter bending where your bend is.

You can also look into VED therapy as this does help with bringing in fresh blood supple with oxygen to heal. I have also personally had success with heat therapy for addressing pain and promoting healing.

Just get control over your worrying and obsessing over this. Anxiety does more damage than you realize. Read the forum and you will get a better understanding about treatments.This is to be approached with the mindset that this is a marathon and not a sprint. Peyronies is a healing disorder in the body caused by inflammation. In reducing inflammation you are helping your body heal. Be encouraged brother you are going to make it!  :)

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