Looking to buy a RestoreX! (live in a place where it's impossible to get)

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 Hi! I'm someone who started getting a Peyronie's curve a few weeks ago, it's been rapidly progressing from 15 to 30 to 45-50 degrees and I've been really worried about how it's going to progress over time, and just depressed that things are happening in this way.

 I live in a country where I don't have a pathway for getting a RestoreX at all, and my financial situation very much so constrains my ability to get one, even when it seems like a RestoreX is crucial for limiting what I have.

 With that being said, if there is anyone who would be willing to sell a RestoreX and ship it to where I live, I would appreciate it so much, that would be a godsend. I've been so depressed about this for the past few weeks, I'd be really glad if I could somehow access the care I need. Do DM this acc if you're interested! Thank you if you're someone who's considering it
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