Long term bruise discoloration?

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Hello gents!  

I had some fairly significant hematomas after just about every series of Xiaflex shots I had, including one a month after a shot (this hematoma wasn't near my injection sites mid-low shaft area, but up closer to the glans end during a slightly toothy BJ.  Ow).

Anyway, that all happened close to 5 months ago now,  but I still have some discoloration from the bruising in the skin below the glans, and under my penis, running down into my scrotum.   Like a drainage path for the blood that leaked in there.  

Have any of you experienced long term bruising discoloration like this?  My doc didn't have much to say about how long it will take to clear (or if it will). But I'm hoping it's going to, at some point.  
Peyronies began mid 2022 as pain, dent, curve toward dent, then waisting/hinging into upward curve. Xiaflex w Dr. Carrion, round 4 completed 12/23. Some improvement, but still more curved than penis 1.0. Maintaining w Pentox, Cialis, + Restorex.