Cialis is less effective over time ?

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I started taking tadalfil/cialis 5mg daily early 2021 during acute phase of Peyronies and it gave me good nocturnal erections . I never tried sex on it , but on masturbating I could tell it was helping a lot with the blood flow and how warm it used to feel so the the blood rushing in. Ate it from 2021- end of 22. Then did not have mutch of it in 2023, skipped a few months . Fast forward to today and I it just doesn't have the same effect it feels to me. It doesn't seem as potent as before . A couple of things could be possible -

1) Is it possible RestoreX desensitized my glans a bit ? On cialis earlier I tried clamping my glans, it would immoderately give me an erection , now my glans seems used to it and doesn't try to induce an erection on clamping.  But this would not impact my nocturnal erections so can't be it .
2) peyronies worsened ?  . I don't see a new relapse , only some nodules that hardened after xialflex injections over the years despite restore x . No curve change. ( really hoping that's not it )
3) Earlier I was on cialis ( brand) and now on generic tadalafil , maybe it does make a  difference ?
4) there is indeed some cialis tolerance that builds for it to not work the same ?

Despite daily 5 mg cialis , I only wake up with a chubby , not a full fledged erection like I used to when I just started cialis.

*This nightmare never ends. Any ideas ?
26 year old
45-50 degree downward curve with an indentation on one side when erect.
Using RestoreX and Xiaflex injections
Taking coq10 with daily Cialis 5mg.