Mild to moderate Peyronies that is stable

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Lostand Looking24

I think a lot of us tell ourselves that because of our peyronies we have to do this or that in the bedroom, and avoid certain positions, avoid casual sex, all of that. I agree, if you have moderate to severe curvature, or severe hourglassing and hinging, that makes sense.

But for people who have a mild to moderate curve of around say 30 degrees or less. I do not see any reason to do anything different. If you have no severe hourglassing/instability, and you are past the acute stage, why should you act any different than you did pre peyronies? Of course, do not forget, however, to listen to your body.

Guys who were born with congenital curvatures don't do anything different than we did before peyronies, why would they? why would a moderate or mild curve cause you to lose out on the enjoyment of sex compared to the next guy? Some guys with congenital curves have curves of higher degree than a lot of us and happily call themselves captain hook, not giving a moment to tell themselves they cant perform because of a curve.

I can say one thing, my sexual function was in no way diminished until I started to tell myself in my head that I have to be careful in the bedroom. I got peyronies in August of 2023 and did not have my first visit to the doctor's about it until February 2024, nor start any treatment until February 2024.

Lo-and-behold as soon as the doctor's visit was done and my mind told me I have a disease of the penis, I started to be more careful in the bedroom and mentally tell myself to avoid certain things that I love because of peyronies.

Up until that doctor's visit I was doing absolutely nothing different than I was doing pre-peyronies, and I can still do that now. The only thing that has ever affected me functionally was my mind, not a curve, not a mild dent.

Of course, listen to your body. My body is telling me that I'm functionally no different than I was before any of this. Only my mind is telling me otherwise.

I can say one thing, as someone who was circumcised as a baby, the same thing happens with circumcision. In my teenage years sexual activity felt amazing. Then suddenly when you research the effects of circumcision, and the effects of losing your foreskin, sex becomes worse because your mind is telling you youre missing out on all of those nerve endings, the sensation gliding of the foreskin gives you. It ruined sex for me for a couple of years, til I forgot about it and accepted it, suddenly sex was great again. (I still would never circumcise my son, and am in no way defending circumcising children).

I feel mild cases of peyronies are similar to this. Really and truly, I am fine. I can still go 4 rounds a night with my girl without tadalafil. I still wake up with the same morning wood that doesn't go down til I take a piss. I still fill up with blood from seeing beautiful women.

But poor me, I have a 20 degree curve and a little dent. Really?

I'm gonna go have fun with my girl tonight. You should too. We'll be alright, brothers.
Symptoms at 22
Curve to the right that fluctuates between 20-30 degrees and indentation. Indent is exactly where the curve is.
No palpable plaque. When fully erect, the curve sight/indentation is softer than the rest of the erection.


Good post. It's fascinating how much your mind impacts your ability to perform...... anything.
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Yes the mind is a very powerful organ in our body and our thoughts impact things positively or negatively. You have a lot of wisdom for a younging.  
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