Scar tissue from gynecomastia surgery and peyronies

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Lostand Looking24

In the past before I had peyronies disease, I also had gynecomastia.

I fixed it with surgery, which went well apart from the development from scar tissue where the gynecomastia tissue used to be, which my surgeon told me occurs from the body overhealing and producing too much collagen. Especially in cases like mine where I was very young for scar tissue to develop following the surgery as it usually happens in older men who undergo the surgery, it was likely just how my body functions.

I then had a revision surgery to get rid of it, and lo-and-behold the scar tissue came back again, which is probably due to the same reason - overhealing from the body leading to hard, scar tissue. It was hard as a rock (No penis pun intended lol).

After that I had steroid injections (Kenalog maybe, can't remember) which fixed it quite well, much less scar tissue and years later its not hard like it was.

I wonder, was this a sign that I would be prone to peyronies disease? Another case of my body overhealing? After all, even regular sex can technically cause microtrauma as far as I'm aware, which of course the body would need to heal.

This is not something I have heard mentioned anywhere else so far, as I imagine it is quite rare of a link. Maybe I am just grasping at straws.

Would love to hear other's opinions on this.
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I believe it was a sign that you were more prone to peyronie's disease.
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